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Personal Statement: Interests, Experiences, and Goals in Nuclear Engineering Money and fame do not motivate my goals. Engineering in all forms is a field of innovation and invention. Aspirations of any great engineer should be to introduce to the world a new idea, product, or service that will make people happier and the environment safer. Success in these challenges is a reward greater than any dollar amount or public recognition. Engineers bring societies to new levels of civilization through their advancements in technology and discovery. The challenge to provide people with ever-increasing standards while at the same time feeding the population with ideas of what could be attracts my imagination, intelligence, and curiosity far more than any other career option. The engineering field embraces these challenges. I am seeking admission into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Engineering. I intend to major in nuclear engineering. Of all the engineering programs, nuclear engineering interests me the most. This field encompasses all forms of science and math, and the versatility of nuclear engineering yields several career options. Furthermore, the future of this industry has a definite growth forthcoming. As we approach fusion power as a reality, nuclear engineers will be essential components to the distribution of a clean, safe energy source. Throughout high school I have placed myself into the most challenging science and mathematics curricula available. My interest in engineering and nuclear energy began in my first chemistry class. I experienced a brief lesson on nuclear chemistry. The knowledge then expanded in an Advanced Placement Chemistry class. In physics I did a project on nuclear fusion. The paper discussed concepts of nuclear physics never taught to me. I worked hard to grasp the difficult theories, and my grades exhibit dedication to furthering this competence. Mankind has limitless potential. However, we often are first forced to break down old barriers. In the past humans have broken free of gravity and traveled through the skies. Then came the invention of the computer. The idea of millions of calculations performed each minute may have seemed absurd a century ago, but society’s dependence on it today can never be overestimated. The future, I believe, will be an era of power and energy. Nuclear technology can make deep space exploration possible while making daily life on Earth more comfortable and safer. Nuclear power has minimal threats to our natural environment, and nuclear science can detect and cure many diseases. Seeing all the possibilities related to nuclear engineering, I am easily dr

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