Chemistry And Without It!

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What would the world be like without chemistry? In some way it could be good and in others it would be bad. We would be without so many good and also bad things if we didn t have it and we can t leave either one out. I mean without chemistry we wouldn t be able to have such a good chemistry class, or such a good teacher. The bad things I think I could do without and I think other people could too, but I don t think I could live without the good which usually includes the bad with it. So now I will explain life without chemistry. Without chemistry we could date our-selves back to the prehistoric ages when man ran around with clubs. The world as we know it now would never exist. The things we love, like driving cars, playing sports, computers, etc., could not be done. All of these past times revolve around chemistry. For example if we hadn t discovered oil, we wouldn t had cooking gas, house heating oils, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, plexiglas, explosives, teflon, paints, lubricants, and alcohols. Plastics is another major component of our lives deprived through chemistry. For instance our cars are made to a large extent from plastics, protective gear such as leg and arm pads, riding hats, bullet proof vests, even some of our organs inside our body could be made in plastic and replaced. Chemicals such as chlorine are needed to disinfect our drinking and swimming pool water such which help stay us alive, because without it we would all die from some sort of bacterial disease. Without chemistry X rays, CAT scans, and MRI s would never have been invented and the medical aspects of chemistry would be in total disarray. Plague would sweep through countries, death would be a common event. All of the drugs used to treat humans would not exist. People would have to deal with pain as painkillers would not exist. There are so many good things, there are also bad things that are created by chemistry which would be better to live without if chemistry never existed. Nuclear energy, which was one of the biggest discoveries in this century due to chemistry. For instance nuclear energy can give the world an endless supply of energy. At the same time nuclear weapons are a negative side development. The pollution to the environment from nuclear radiation would also cause many concerns, but nuclear radiation isn t the only factor that affects our environment. There are also many chemicals that ruin where we live. For example exhaust from cars (carbon monoxide) aids in the green house affect which in turn causes global warming. The exhaust from aerosol spray cans, car exhaust, and industrial smoke destroys the ozone layer letting in more UV rays which cause cancer. Sulfur-dioxide from power plants brings acid rain which ruins vegetation. Some Chemicals are bad but most are good and used for things that usually help us out in some way. But without chemistry, in my opinion life doesn t exist or it doesn t advance at all. I think to improve life and to live a longer life you will always need chemistry in some way or another

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