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Murder Abortion is murder and it is wrong. There is absolutely no situation imaginable that can be proved a just cause for murder. This inhumane form of birth control, goes against all moral codes that society today is based upon. Abortion also goes against the very basis of our government. Abortion is corrupting our society and especially the young minds that are it s future. Many people use abortion as a method birth control. There are many forms of contraception, but abortion is not one of them. Several people decide on having an abortion because they do not feel like having to deal with a pregnancy and a child. These people are immature and should not be doing things when they are not prepared for the consequences. There is much less pain involved when people learn to take a birth control pill every day, get a shot, or learn how to use a condom. If these simple, painless birth control methods were used then the female that would become pregnant and have an abortion wouldn t have to go through the mental and physical trauma of having an abortion. An abortion can cause many physical problems, such as infertility by tearing the uterine walls. In a study done by the Elliot Institute in Springfield, Illinois, women that had abortions were studied eight weeks after the procedure. Approximately forty percent of these women experienced sexual problems. But going deeper than the physical scars and other side effects of it, you come to the emotional pain that the parents of, what would have been, a child have to deal with. These people sometimes suffer from Post Abortion Syndrome, and in some cases even show signs of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. In the Elliot Institute study, forty-four percent of the women polled had nervous disorders, thirty-six percent had sleep disturbances, and thirty-one percent had regrets about their decision. Also, suicide becomes a possible way for the mother to deal with the stress of her baby being killed. In the same study, it was reported that about sixty percent of them had suicidal tendencies and twenty-eight percent actually attempted killing themselves. This form of murder known as abortion is morally wrong. Murder is simply the act of killing. Abortion kills the unborn child inside the mother s womb. There is no moral code anywhere that states that murder is acceptable. The circumstances don t matter, murder is wrong. If a person was to kill someone they would be sentenced to prison and possible sent to die, yet if a pregnant woman wants to kill her innocent and defenseless child she is not punished in any way, and many times she isn t even scorned by society. How are the children in today s world not supposed to know and understand violence? Some children were supposed to have a new baby in the family but they didn t because their parents decided that they didn t want the new child after they already created it. This child may now know and understand the concept of murder and if his/her parent s do it, then what makes it so wrong? There is not any possible scenario that is a good reason for murder. If a person is raped and impregnated then that child that is created from that horrible situation should not be punished because of a man s stupidity. The rape victim would suffer more emotional pain if she also had to get an abortion along with being raped. But if she doesn t have an abortion she wouldn t have to suffer the double trauma from both of the horrible events. No matter what the situation that the pregnant woman is in, there is still no excuse for abortion. It is much better for a child to be born mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, into foster care, or the state s custody, or to rape victim than it would be if the baby were murdered. This taking away of an innocent life is completely opposite of what the entire United States Government is founded upon. In the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, it states, in order to insure domestic tranquility promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States. How are we able to insure domestic peace, help the general population, and keep our liberty, when people ar

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