The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

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The Extinction of the Dinosaurs Many millions of years ago dinosaurs became extinct due to a catastrophic disturbance of the balance of life on earth. Recent studies points to a collision of a meteor on the earth s surface. The collision would have hurled tons of sand and debris into the earth s atmosphere. This would have caused the sun s light and warmth to be blocked and the earth s temperature to cool. Many plant and animal species would become extinct. This would have eventually led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Geography can be used to prove the theory that it was a meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Astrology is the study of objects and processes that take place within earth s environment in space. Meteors, comets and space Debris enter the earth s atmosphere all the time. Every so often a comet large enough cause mass extinction passes by the earth, some practically near misses. It is possible that a meteor of this size hit the earth millions of years ago. Causing a chain of events the happen leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Geology is the study of earth and processes that affect it through time. All over the world there are huge craters, it is believed that these craters were created by impacts of meteors with the earth s surface. Anything within in the vicinity of the impact would have instantly been killed by flying debris or the shockwave. When meteors with the projected size that these craters foretell hit the earth they would have caused tons of sand and debris to enter the earth s atmosphere. Meteorology is the study of the Earth s atmosphere and the processes that create weather and climate. With all the sand and debris in the atmosphere the sun would not have been able to shine through to the plants or animals that needed it. Plants needing the sunlight for nutritious value would become extinct. The temperature would have dropped drastically and animals not adept to cold temperature would have died soon after. This would cause a drastic wave in the food chain that would kill many plants, animals and eventually the dinosaurs that were dependant on them.   Oceanography is the study of the Earth s oceans. Many animals and plants even in the ocean are dependant on sunlight and without any sunlight their lives came to an end along with all the other land bearing plants and animals. Algae, for example, although small, needs the sun for nutrients, without it, it was killed. With extinction of algae, being at the start of the food chain, was no doubt substantial factor in the extinction on many of the sea bearing animals and dinosaurs. Hydrology is the study of Earth s fresh water including streams, lakes, glacial ice and groundwater. Precipitation is a very important part of nature, it brings fresh water to plants, animals and dinosaurs that need it. Without the sun to warm the air, precipitation could not take place. Man

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