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Making a Web Page For my science project I chose to create a web (internet) page, dealing with science. This project consists of using a computer and a html editor to create a page that can be found on the internet. The next paragraph will explain how to make an internet page. The steps to making a web page to post on the internet, is very easy. Most web pages are made in a code called html, which is what I am using to make my science web page. Html is an acronym for: Hyper Text Markup Language. The html codes are very easy to use, and remember. If you want to spice up your web page, you may want to use another code called, Java. The word Java is not an acronym, it comes from its maker, Sun Technologies', which is a tremendously huge company that deals with web page making and the internet. Java enables you to have those neat scrolling words at the bottom of your web browser, and the other neat moving things that you may find in web pages around the net. Another code to spice up your web page would be cgi. Cgi stands for: Common Gateway Interface, it is used to submit information on the internet. You can get a book at your local library that contains how to use html, java, and cgi. You now need to select one of the many programs that allow you to make a web page, using html, java, and cgi. Once you find this program, you may now start to enter your html, java, and cgi coordinates. After long hours of work you may now test your web page, depending on the program you are using, there is usually a button that you may press that enables you to look at the web page you have made. After revising and checking your web page, it is time to place it on the internet. To do this, you may have to contact your internet provider, and ask them if they allow their customers to place internet documents on their world wide web server. Once you have it on the net, tell all your friends about it so you can get traffic on your page, and maybe one day, you will win

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