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Leprosy Report Leprosy has been around for thousands of years, since the biblical times. It was first identified by Gerhard A. Hansen in 1873. It was the first bacterium to be identified as disease causing in humans. It should be known that the word 'leper' has connotations of immorality and uncleanness and is considered very offensive. Leprosy is a chronic bacterial disease of the upper respiratory tract, skin, nerves in the hands and feet, and the lining of the nose. Leprosy is uncommon in the United States. There is a known cure for leprosy, also called 'Hansen's disease'. It is a poor pathogen because of the high rate of self - healing among early lesions. Most people who contract Mycobacterium leprae do not get leprosy from the bacteria. Hands and feet do not fall off in leprosy. They are permanently shrunken in the people who receive no treatment. Those who seek treatment at the early signs of leprosy can avoid disfigurement. Mycobacterium leprae is the organism that causes the disease known as leprosy and Hansen's disease. Mycobacterium leprae has many characteristics, it is classified as bacillus, meaning that it is rod shaped. The organism is Gram-positive because it contains no extra lipid layer and it is an obligate intracellular pathogen that replicates only within the cells of its' host. Leprosy affects the skin, nerves, and mucous membranes. Leprosy is the only bacterial pathogen capable of entering the peripheral nerves. The symptoms for leprosy include chronically stuffy nose, many skin lesions and nodules on the body, lesions that are pale white, red, or copper toned, thickened nerves, and loss of the sense of touch; limbs can become numb. In the late stages of leprosy there is shrinking of extremities ( hands, feet, nose, and the face ). The incubation period varies Charlton 2 from three to five years after the disease is contracted. The variety of symptoms is determined by the immune responsiveness of the host. The spread of leprosy takes place by entering the nasal passages and broken skin. Germs get in the air through nasal discharge and shed skin of untreated infected people. To contract leprosy, prolonged contact with an infected person is needed ( like family members). Children are more susceptible to the disease because their immune systems are less developed. Until the 1940's leprosy was incurable. Treatment appeared in the late 1940's with the introduction of dapsone and it's derivatives. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests Multiple Drug Therapy (MDT) for leprosy. This is a c

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