My Interest In Computers

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Ever since I could remember I was always interested in computers. That yearning to understand the working of computers and software s has been one of the most passionaate desires of mine since I was in grade five when I played my first game Dig up on a 286 machine. The question How? always echoed within my thoughts. In school, science and mathematics were my favorite subjects. In my mind, they were the most logical and precise subjects. After scoring highest in Mathematics in High School I took science as my major in college. Internet access to students in India started when I was in the first year of my college studies and I was among the few students having an Internet account in India. I used to browse the internet during my free time and used to look up for various career options and job opportunities .I was very impressed with the headline of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers which states that Chemical Engineers are responsible for the production of items, from potato chips to computer chips. I found that a Chemical Engineer is an extremely versatile Engineer and can handle a wide range of technical problems. Hence engineering with Chemical as my major was the first choice for my undergraduate studies. Right since the beginning of my undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering at University of Mumbai, doing a Masters in Computer Science and making software related to Chemical Engineering was my next desire .I took CAD as my elective and currently completing my thesis on Design of Agitated Vessel . This project is based on CAD and is being designed using Visual Basic. I studied subjects like Pascal and C in depth, which were included in the undergraduate Engineering curriculum. I used to also read a lot of books on Web Designing and web designing applications like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, and Gif Animator etc. I got my first job in Evision Technologies (a Web Designing company) where I was working as a Webdesigner and content writer during my summer vacations. I made a couple of websites for Chemical Engineering firms and various dot com portals that were starting and also provided content for them. I also used to write a lot of articles for the Chem Times for which I received the best writing award. The Masters program in Computer Science will give me a broad and deep knowledge of Computer Science so that the right balance is maintained between theory systems and applications with emphasis on software development. The program will equip me with the knowledge and skills required to develop and design high quality computer systems and application software s. I will also have th

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