Attraction Of The Internet

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It seems every individual spends a great deal of their time looking for a way out. Whether it is because they just need some time away or are just incredibly tired of their status in life everyone at some point feels they need to just escape. Now through technology most individuals need to look no farther than their own computers and network of possibilities that is the internet. The illusion of actually being able to go somewhere else is very appealing. The internet allows people to 'meet' others like themselves, to research almost any topic ever written about, or to play entertaining games. The term 'cyberspace' was coined because the illusion is so convincing that people become under the impression that they are in another place that extends past the monitor sitting in front of them. Some seem to visit cyberspace from time to time while others are so drawn to it they become almost addicted. Either way the attraction is there and because of that people always seem to find their way back. The ability to talk and interact with people that otherwise would be impossible conventionally holds many possibilities. The internet has become a virtual matchmaker. Lonely people can reach out and find others with the same interests, hobbies, and goals without actually leaving their houses. This a very cheap alternative to dating. Chatting allows people from different walks of life and even from ifferent countries the opportunity to get to know one another and form good friendships. Existing friendships where friends live on other sides of the country can talk to each other without having to deal with huge long distance charges on the telephone. People need other people and the internet provides one of the best ways for people to communicate. Another of the most appealing features of the internet is that individuals who aren't happy with their station in life can assume the persona of anyone they can imagine. When the chances that someone will ever meet whoever they are talking to are so slim there is little chance of being caught lying. In a way this makes the internet a masquaread ball where no one ever has to unmask. Anyone can become someone totally different or just add one some impressive details to their personalities. It seems very tempting to imbellish a little and tell a few white lies when the only one who know the truth is the one making them up. Whether someone chooses to be themself or someone else there is always someone else out there willing to talk. The enormous amount of information on the internet is beyong anything that can be found in a mere library. Virtually anyone can log onto the internet and any information is abailable to them. It is hard to grasp just how much knowledge is there and it sp

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