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We should legalize marijuana, because it causes more problems that it is illegal then it ever would if it were legal. I feel that the prohibition of marijuana is a bigger problem then the smoking of it. No one has ever overdosed on weed, more people die in alcohol related accidents then pot related accidents. The forbiddance of weed is the biggest reason for the exploding prison population. Many non-violent drug offenders are serving longer prison sentences, then murders, then rapist and other violent criminals. It cost taxpayers 30,000 dollars a year to imprison 1 non-violent drug offender . That s why politicians are spending billions of tax dollars on building new prisons and jails to hold everyone, and at the same money for education , healthcare, and other important things are running short. The methods used by the government to stop drug abuse aren t working . All they are doing is creating a black market for weed and other drugs. Stopping marijuana use cost billions of dollars to enforce and it makes millions of good hardworking, taxpaying, weed smoking individuals into criminals. Adult use of alcohol and tobacco are legal and accepted ,but adult use of marijuana is illegal. With alcohol you can die or get more impaired then with weed and cigarettes are more addictive then weed. Many people have the belief that we need to keep weed illegal to keep it away from our teenagers and children. That is a good theory and it makes sense, but it is false it doesn t work. There are at least 10 to 15 places that I know in walking distance, where I know I can get weed , but for me to get a beer it might take a half an hour to an hour standing outside a bar asking people to go in the bar or beer distributor and buy me some beer. In some countries like Holland it is legal to buy pot, but the percent of teenagers who smoke weed there is less then half of the amount of teenagers who use it in the U. S. If marijuana was legal it would put street dealers out of business and then there would be a tax on the sale of marijuana, so that is even more money in the governments pocket. Tougher laws haven t reduced marijuana use. The use of pot has gone up every single year since 1991. The government spends fifteen billion dollars a year waging a war on marijuana smokers, that war is the one war that the united states will never win and they have been fighting it for over 60 years. Another five billion dollars is lost every year in tax revenue if marijuana was regulated and taxed like alcohol. The ban of marijuana is escalating violence and corruption on the streets as the mob, gangs, and thugs fight for the corner and weed sales. If you look at the facts just the facts you would agree the biggest problem with weed is that it is illegal. According to the institute of medicine commissioned by the White House office of National Drug Control policy(ONDCP). They found that marijuana is not addictive and is not a gateway drug, a drug that leads to other drug. Marijuana is less addictive then caffeine. most of the dangerous substances that are in marijuana could be filtered out in a bong or water pipe , but those are also illegal and because of that they are hard to get. Test were run on marijuana and they found that is impossible to overdose on weed. It is the ratio of weed to get stoned to 40,000. For example if it takes 1 blunt to get stoned it would take 40,000 blunts to overdose and you would fall a sleep way before 40,000. The primary active ingredient, delta-9-thc, in cannabis does not kill brain cells, but alcohol a legal substance does kill brain cells. I just talked about the money, violence, and innocent people who go to jail due to illegal marijuana, but I think the biggest reason that weed should be legal is that more people can use it. The use of marijuana helps out with many things, it calms down your stomach and keeps you from throwing up, it gives you a better and bigger appetite, and helps you sleep . Smoking weed has almost no long term affects, and is less addictive then coffee. Marijuana helps relieve stress , makes you laugh, and it s safer then being drunk, and you wake up feeling good and refreshed as instead of to a hangover or groggy feeling. Another good thing with weed is that if it was legal it would be mass produced and it would have to approved by the FDA and many harmful chemicals would be removed and it wouldn t be laced with raid or anything dangerous. If it was mass produced it would be grown and made by a company a new company would mean more jobs and a better economy. If it was made by a company it would make so much that the price would come down so more people could afford it and enjoy the benefits and fun involved in smoking weed. The weed would come already prepared rolled either in a cigarette paper or a cigar paper. Just because marijuana would be legal doesn t mean anyone could do it anywhere it would be regulated and lawed like alcohol is, a specific age would be set and you wouldn t be able to walk down the street smoking a blunt or a joint or you can t drive and smoke, but you could smoke it in a bar or your house or smoking restaurants. The best reason to smoke weed is when your high you are more creative less sensitive to pain it helps shy people be a little wild and it s just an all around fun, and most important it doesn t hurt anyone and it makes you feel good.

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