DuPont Company

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DuPont Company by: Ferris Bueller The DuPont company was established in a small town in Delaware in 1802 by a French immigrant named Eleuthere Irenee du Pont de Nemours. The DuPont company now a days is in production of high value products. DuPont currently produces polymers, chemicals, fibers, petroleum products, apparel, transportation, aerospace, electronics and health care. DuPont company serves customers in these and other industries everyday offering "better things for better living" as the company prepares to begin its third century of scientific, technological, comercial, and social achievement. When E.I du Pont first came to America he brought his great ideas with him about the manufacturing of the gun powder. His product ignited when it was supposed to, in a manner consistent with expectation. This was greatly appreciated by the citizens of a growing nation, including Thomas Jefferson, who wrote to DuPont thanking him for the quality of his gun powder, which was being used to clear land at Monticello. DuPont company is moving through the last decade of the twentieth century and towards it's third century emphasizing several things; global competition, sharpening its business focus, increasing productivity, commitment to safety, health and environment, and continuing to extend its significant science and technological achievement. One of DuPont's major strategies is to focus on businesses in which DuPont can build a competitive advantage. In 1993 DuPont aquired ICI's nylon and ICI aquired DuPont's acrylics business. This strengthed the companys position in the global nylon business while "trading off" a company that no longer fits its portfolio. Another major factor in the transformation of the company in the 1990's was the focus on reducing cost and improving productivity. This was necessary to give the company the flexibility for competitive and grow to market share and earnings. DuPont did this by opening new plants in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Russia. In 1994, Conoco joint venture began producing oil from the Ardalin Field in the Russia Artic. This was the first major oil field brought into production by a Russian/USA partnership since the fall of the Soviet Union. DuPont company was very successful in Russia. A further major development was of 156 million DuPont shares from Seagram for $8.8 billion in cash and warrants. This was one of the largest stock redemptions in history. This large block of shares was redeemed at 13 percent discount to market price. While DuPont later sold new shares, there are 18 percent fewer shares currently outstanding than just prior to the redemption. This resulted in a significant wealth creation for the stockholders. The share redemption was made possible by four years of cost reduction, productivity, and organizational changes that made DuPont strong financially and allowed them to move wise and quickly. DuPont is a company out not only for the interest of themselves but, also for the interest of the world. What has always set DuPont apart is the quality of the people. People commited to making life easier and better for everybody, proud to be a part of an enterprise making "better things for better living." In the second quarter of 1995, DuPont reported earnings per share of $1.70, up 47 percent from $1.16 earned in the second quarter of 1994. The Net income totaled $938 million, compared to $792 million earned in 1994. Both earning per share and net income increased 27 percent. The third quarter of the 1995 business year led DuPont $1.38 per share earning. This number exceeded the $.95 earned in the third quarter of 1994 by more than 45%. Net income totaled $769 million to $647 million earned in 1994. Sales for the third quarter were $10.2 billion, up 4 percent from the prior year. The full years earning were $5.61 per share compared to $4.00 per share in 1994. the average number of stock in 1995 dropped 14 percent due to the Seagrams redemption. DuPont is an American based company with good ethics in business, community and the environment. DuPont history in earnings proves that this is a financially stable company. With people's growing interest in superior goods, Dupont will thrive on that interest and develop superior goods for the 21st century

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