Chris Argyris:The old Age of Managment

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Chris Argyris:What Goes Around Comes Around From the day that we as children came to realize how to talk this was important to us, especially how we were talked to. When we would do something wrong our parents would reprimand us and would send us to the bedrooms but when we did something good our parents would reward us with cookies, gifts or simple hugs and this made us listen better or even perform better. The same principle applies to the work place, between managers and the workers. When there is understanding between the worker and the managers work will get done more effectively and improved qualities in the work. The only was that this can be successful is that you need to have a flexible employee and an understanding manager, ie/ both individuals on the same line of thinking, also the management themselves have to be able to be divers in the way that task will get done and to expand the job responsibility level. As Argyris stated that "any mismatch between worker's mature personalities and management practices will create problems" this simply means that if a conflict was to arise between the two individuals the whole idea of the leisure environment would be defeated. Such problems could be absenteeism, turnover,or just more aggression towards the authority in the workplace, regardless with problems come un-happy workers and an un-happy environment. Of course this idea of management is soley based on the actual type of working environment, and the type of job itself. To explain this type of management in more detail this essay will demonstrate a type of occupations an analyse it in both a standard way of management and Chris Argyris method #2 to see if this way of management will work. The first example that can be illustrated is working in retail. When an employee begins his/her first shift in retail s a first job there are many responcibilites and initiatives that have to be taken in order for a store to operated to it's fullest. On the first shift of the first day of employment the employee is taken through a walkthru of the store to make sure that every thing about the clothes/ music /furniture is understood. This can be a stressful way to begin a job considering all the information that has to be absorbed, this is why it is important for the authority to take time and make the employee feel more at ease with the job and the environment around him/her. It is now a couple hour into the shift and the new employee runs into a question about a particular item and it needs to be answered. The employee shou

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