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Against The Legalization of Drugs Everyone agrees that something must be done about the tremendous physical and emotional health problems that drug abuse causes. Concern about the abuse of drugs is so most serious problems in today s world, threatening the security and freedom of whole nations. Politicians, health experts and much of the general public feel that no issue is more important then drug abuse. America s other pressing social problems disease, poverty, and corruption, often have a common element; that is drug abuse. The use of illegal drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, and marijuana cause extensive harm to the body and brain. Yet, even after knowing this many people want illegal drugs to be legalized in every aspect. The last thing we need is a policy that makes widely available span. The number of people who are addicted to illegal or are users of these drugs is quite shocking. Drug abuse is clearly an injurious and sometimes fatal problem. Not all users are addicts, but some of the users of illegal drugs in the United States are addicted. The abuse of illegal drugs is very threatening to America s future. These drugs are the cause of many problems and crimes. Drug abuse is a serious threatening problem today and it can be brought under control with acceptable means. The use of illegal drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, and marijuana have been proved to cause unbelievable damage and harm to the body and brain. As well as we know, AIDS is a deadly disease which people are very frightened of today. When parents bring a child into this world, the main concern is that the child be healthy. It is an impossible deed for a drug addict female to give birth to a healthy child. Babies who are born with the AIDS virus should thank their mothers who were drug addicts and brought them into this world to pay for their own mistakes. Thousands of heroin addicts die from overdoses each year. Heroin users are also at great risk of getting AIDS from the use of unclean needles. The uses of illegal drugs cause people to engage in violent acts. The need and craving of these drugs forces the user to commit crimes such as robbery, murder, or other types of serious outcomes. They hurt themselves and innocent people usually become victims of such cases. These drugs are addictive which may cause brain damage, and may cause the user to engage in violence or self-destructive acts. Drug dealers arm themselves with automatic weapons to protect themselves. Young drug dealers have an ample supply of guns, and they do not hesitate to use them. An example that I remember reading in the newspaper some time ago talked about the residential area in New York. More than one hundred people were killed and most deaths were drug related. The use of illicit drugs alters the brain s thinking, which results in violent and self-destructing acts. Innocent people are injured or killed simply in order to continue the distribution and the use of these illegal drugs. After being altered with the effects of the use of illegal drugs on bodies, brains, societies and nations, some people are brave enough to come forward and campaign for the legalization of illicit drugs will reduce the number of addicts and users. I disagree with this theory because that is exactly what it is, a theory. Sure, we don t know what s going to happen in the future, but we can use our statistics and be somewhat logical. If illegal drugs were to be legalized, millions of Americans were to be enticed into addiction by legalization. The pushers would cut prices, making more money then ever from the mass market. They would immediately increase the strength and variety beyond anything available at any government approved narcotics counter. Crime would increase if these drugs were legalized. Why should we believe that the legalization of illegal drugs would reduce the number of users of these drugs? Actually, it s quite logical these drugs would be easily available if legalized. The number of u

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