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Drug Testing: Does it Deter Abuse? Drug testing in the work place is on a rise. Most companies are doing this because it is good for public relations and it is also good for an insurance decrease. The concepts of drug testing have become an increased concern for many companies in the more recent years. More companies are beginning to use it and more people are having problems with it. The big question here is “does it deter abuse?”. For some people drug testing is an invasion of privacy, and for others it is a good way to start another type of drug. (Crawford 15) There are two types of addiction, mental and physical. These are two very serious addictions. For many the physical addiction is the easy part and for others it isn’t, same for the mental addiction. For one person to “just stop” doing drugs after doing them for however long, is not as easy as it seems. Most people feel like they need to do something that will give them the same kind of high without it showing up on the drug test. (Crawford 25,26) This type of behavior can lead to a more serious drug problem. The tests are now seen as a way to stop drug abuse in the workplace. It is also seen as a way to enhance drug usage. For most, they are willing to quit in return for their paycheck. For those who are seriously addicted to any kind of illegal drug this is the most challenging task to come to terms with on straight reality. For the people who are having problems quitting the addiction they shift their abuse to another substance. Alcoholism is a growing addiction because it is the most accessible and legal. (May 4) In the 1960 and 1970’s men and women work long strenuous hours without taking drugs. For many struggling workers these hours were hard to handle without taking drugs. The use of drugs was a way to deal with these long hours. When their work performance was affected by the use of drugs, companies decided to put their foot down on the issue. Drug testing was introduced. “ A 1996 survey by the American Management Association found that 81 percent of major companies had drug testing programs compared at the time with 78 percent in 1995 and only 22 percent in 1987.” (May 2) In nine years drug testing grew 59 percent. Many employers have a problem with employees choosing between their jobs and their drugs. (Crawford 7) One of the newest growing programs within companies are drug rehabilitation programs. This is a good way to have the employee to quit without the urge of discovering a new habit. This is also a good way of keeping people employed, and off of drugs. Un fortunately this does not work for all. Quitting for some people is not a solution. They feel the need to continue or to move on to something else. Not all addictions have to be with illegal drugs, remember coffee, alcohol, nicotine are considered to be substance

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