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Drug Addiction Drugs are not new. Man has been experimenting with them for thousands of years. People use them to escape feelings of isolation, and to feel a sense of unity with everything and everyone around them. The appeal is that they change the way a person feels and perceives the world around her. Users take them to feel more sociable, relieve boredom, and forget problems. Addiction doesn t discriminate- addicts come from everywhere. There are a myriad of attitudes concerning drug addicts, and everyone falls into a category concerning drug usage. Some are lucky enough to have never been an addict, some are completely incapacitated by their addiction, some are functional E addicts, and then there are recovered addicts. Many people have never been addicted drugs, and will never fully experience the physical and mental torment that drugs cause. They believe that people who abuse drugs are degenerates and should be looked down upon, preaching to others about not doing it without ever really understanding the addiction. Or, they hate the idea of losing control so much, that they re determined never to take drugs, even if it makes them feel like an outsider at times. Our society has caused us to believe that the typical drug addict is from a lower income area or the inner city, when in fact drugs affect all types of people, everywhere. Not realizing that drugs do not discriminate, most people are probably in close contact with an addict without ever knowing it. People who have never been addicted to drugs are the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to have overcome peer pressure. They are content enough in their lives that they don t don t feel the constant need for drugs to give a different outlook on life. Everyone who has experimented with, but did not become addicted to drugs also falls into this category. Addicts who are completely incapacitated by their addiction have not naturally developed the kind of rational self-control that allows most people to remain free of addiction. They become mired in their habit without realizing that a problem is developing. This drug addict will go to great lengths to deny that their use of drugs is the reason for a deteriorating situation, and practice denial in order to maintain their increasingly fragile world. Being around such a person is very difficult when they are hostile and blaming toward other things, when it s obvious that the drug habit is the real problem. Loss of their job, perhaps friends, and interest in what used to be their normal routine occurs. The drugs completely consume the person, and tradgically many addict s lives are cut short when it eventually kills them. The greatest numbers of addicts in society today are functional addicts E They can regulate when they ingest their substance of choice, which enables them to function in an apparently normal fashion. Coexistance with the functional drug addict is more feasible because they are not completely out of control. They are still dependant on their drug, and that dependence is more likely to show at times of stress or pressure. Thankfully, many millions of drug addicts have sought rehabilitation. In order for many addicts to abandon their denial, and want to renounce drugs, they must first hit bottom. The person must reach a profound level of unhappiness, or physical incapacity. The large number of patients in a rehabibitation center started expermenting with drugs trying it just once, then just one more time, and finally so much until it became out of hand. Until they reach the stage where they severly need help, they feel that they are in control and can stop at any time. In order

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