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In today's society, there are women being controlled by expectations of being slim and having that "perfect body". Women have to face the publicity of magazines, talk shows concerning weight, weight-loss programs, and so on, all influencing them to lose weight and be thin, or society won't accept them. Katherine Haines says just this in her article, "Whose Body Is This?". She argues against and blames society for the insecurities and the dissatisfaction of women and their bodies. The "look" that is presented to women today as being "healthy" is; tall, slender, and beautiful. Most women cannot reach this point unless they resort to other means of dieting to attain that "beauty queen" image. These ways are through anorexia or bulimia, both of which are life threatening or deadly. Unfortunately, there are many women taking this path. Society plays a very important role when it comes to the image that a woman is supposed to uphold. Haines states that weight loss programs, television and magazines are a "propaganda that happiness is in a large part based on having that 'perfect body'...". For example, one could be purchasing groceries and catch a glance of a recent magazine such as "Elle" and they see this beautiful model on the cover. This is appealing to a woman's or a man's eye, so of course they pick up the magazine and look inside. They might think there is an article that reads, "How to look like a million dollars." Of course there are many women who long to look like Cindy Crawford, or Kate Moss, so the magazine is looked into. What does that say about women in society today? Many models are portrayed as having that "perfect" life due to their looks because that's what society's image of women has come to. It is a big competition with women in the clothing world. They feel good about themselves if they have just the right styles. This again, ties into the model scene. On the runway, clothes are being modeled by the "perfect" woman. Tall, thin, and beautiful. This entices women to buy these types of clothing, just as it is advertised to do. For most women, this look will not be possible unless other means are incorporated. The issue of weight doesn't begin in a lady's teenage years, as most think. It begins in her young adolescence. Small children are very vocal with their feelings and thoughts of other children around them. The words, "you are fat," could come out of a child's mouth without them thinking twice about it. If that certain child was being singled out in that way, could this be where it all begins? For example, Haines makes some very interesting points when she speaks of her younger sister who is influenced by her peers to be thin to fit in with the "right crowd." Her sister continually eats little to nothing to have the perfect body to fit in with the rest of the girls on her school's drill team. She eats very small portions of food, or none at all. During this time, she doesn't realize the harm she is doing to her body until she becomes ill and is diagnosed as being malnourished. There are too many instances of young teens putting their bodies through this torture just to fit in. For instance, I have been around beauty pageants a great deal in the past two years and have seen nothing but harm, not accomplishments from the girls involved. I would say that eight out of every ten girls at these pageants had an eating disorder. These girls, which were started out at a very young age, were anything but pretty, they were sick. It was as if the older population, men and women, were consenting to the harm that these girls were doing to their bodies, and their minds. The girls were needing to take control of the crown, and to do so, they would do anything possible to get it. They were slowly losing control of their minds, and their bodies were suffering. In doing so, they didn't realize that the diseases they were facing would be with them for the rest of their life, unless they were bold enough to admit that there was a problem. That is where the problem with eating disorders comes in. Admitting that you have a problem is the hardest and possibly the most embarrasing thing that any person can do. Low self-esteem, Haines argues, is one of the main parts of weight problems and disbelief in yourself. Of course there are other factors that lead to the insecurity of being overweight, although peer pressure is more and more evident as one passes through the stag

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