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Created by EDGAR Online, Inc. COCA COLA CO Income Statement2 Period End: Dec 31, 1999 Date Filed: Mar 9, 2000 Values in this worksheet are in millions, except where noted. 1 YE 12/31/99 1 YE 12/31/98 1 YE 12/31/97 (In millions except per share data) NET OPERATING REVENUES $19,805 $18,813 $18,868 Cost of goods sold 6,009 5,562 6,015 GROSS PROFIT 13,796 13,251 12,853 Selling, administrative and general expenses 9,001 8,211 7,792 Other Operating Charges 813 73 60 Total Expenses 9814 8284 7852 OPERATING INCOME 3,982 4,967 5,001 Interest income 260 219 211 Interest expense 337 277 258 Equity income (loss) (184) 32 155 Other income-net 98 230 583 Gains on issuances of stock by equity investees -- 27 363 INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAXES 3,819 5,198 6,055 Income taxes 1,388 1,665 1,926 NET INCOME $2,431 $3,533 $4,129 BASIC NET INCOME PER SHARE $0.98 $1.43 $1.67 DILUTED NET INCOME PER SHARE $0.98 $1.42 $1.64 AVERAGE SHARES OUTSTANDING 2,469 2,467 2,477 Dilutive effect of stock options 18 29 38 AVERAGE SHARES OUTSTANDING ASSUMING DILUTION 2,487 2,496 2,515 See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements Created by EDGAR Online, Inc. PEPSICO INC Income Statement Period End: Dec 25, 1999 Date Filed: Mar 21, 2000 Values in this worksheet are in millions, except where noted. 1 YE 12/25/99 1 YE 12/25/98 1 YE 12/25/97 Net Sales New PepsiCo $18,244 $14,686 $13,655 Bottling operations 2,123 7,662 7,262 Total Net Sales 20,367 22,348 20,917 Costs Cost of sales 8,198 9,330 8,525 Gross Profit 12,169 13,018 12,392 Expenses Selling, general and administrative expenses 9,103 9,924 9,241 Amortization of intangible assets 183 222 199 Impairment and restructuring charges 65 288 290 Total Costs and Expenses 9,351 10,434 9,730 Operating Profit New PepsiCo 2,765 2,460 2,252 Bottling operations and equity investments 53 124 410 Total Operating Profit 2,818 2,584 2,662 Bottling equity income, net 83 -- -- Gain on bottling transactions 1,000 -- -- Interest expense (363) (395) (478) Interest income 118 74 125 Income from Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes 3,656 2,263 2,309 Provision for Income Taxes 1,606 270 818 Income from Continuing Operations

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