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I attended the Bob Marley Tribute concert. It proved to be interesting and yet educational. This concert was a collection of lesser-known Reggae artists coming together and performing in tribute to the late and great Bob Marley. The background of the stage was dimly lit with green and red colors invitingly flashing everywhere. Bob Marley was almost a mythical figure who inspired and impacted the world. He expressed his moral and political beliefs through his rastafarian-based music. The image that Bob Marley gave out to many, says one of the several performers, painted colors of red, yellow and green. Erie , he explains, an old African term wishing peace love and happiness. This was a key belief in the Rastafarian religion, but its importance delves much deeper than that. Bob Marley was around during the Vietnam war. Many people listened to his music in respect to try and support Anti-violent measures. During the intermissions, songs by Bob Marley would be played aloud onto the speaker. A reason that his music became so respected and popularized was not just because it was so great sounding and harmonic. It brought with it modesty, wisdom and important messages which most people can find themselves relating to. Such songs as Exodus and Stir It Up discuss, religion, work or romance and love. Satisfy My Soul expresses happiness in this verse: I'm telling you that, oh-whooh-whooh.. I like it like this, I like it like this.. And you should know, you should know by now.. I like it, I like it like this, I like it like this.. Yeah, you satisfy my soul, satisfy my soul.. You satisfy my soul, satisfy my soul.. Every little action, there is a reaction.. Oh, can't you see what you have done for me? I am happy inside, all, all of the time. His style and incorporation of music was inspired by such Rhythm and Blues artists as Ray Charles, Sam Cooker and the harmonizing of the Impressions led by Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler. The Drifters also made a strong impression on Bob Marley. His music became jazzy and incorporated with early Pop. He sought ideas from the world around him (not just his own culture) and painted a colorful collection of soun

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