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Nick Williams 1st Hour December 7, 1997 THREE WISHES If wishes were fishes we'd all have some fried. There is an old saying "Be careful what you wish for." Everyday three or more times we say that we wish we could have this or we wish we could have that. We do not realize that wishes also come with negative outcomes. If you had three wishes then what would they be? In the book "The Monkey's Paw" they wish for things that aren't sensible and bad things happen. The first wish is for money and their son gets caught in the machinery at his work and they collect the amount of money they wished for. Their second wish is for their son to come back to life, and he comes back as a zombie. Both these wishes resulted in bad things happening because they weren't smart when they made their wishes. If I were to have the opportunity to make three wishes, my wishes would be: for me to be a professional skier, not having to worry about money, and having a condo in Park City Utah. I feel that wishing for things, and them not coming true will indeed be a blessing in the end. I said that for my first wish I would like to be a professional skier. This is one of my many dreams when I grow older. If I were able to be a professional skier my life would be perfect because I would be able to ski around the world, and I would be able to meet the other famous skiers. An example of a no name skiers becoming one of the best ever. His name is Glen Plake, and he was a punk skier/skateboarder who has a mo-hawk. He has a very wild appearance, but like in most cases looks can be deceiving. He is one of the nicest people alive, because he has donated some out of every one of his checks to help homeless people, and he also supplies money to prevent child abuse. He is one of my role models, and even though his hair is different, he has a big heart. Also, my wish to be a professional skier could have negative happenings. For instance, I could be skiing and get caught in an avalanche and die. I could also slide on a fourty-degree ice face and die or I could also have a friend be hurt or die because I was being careless. Many things can happen depending on the conditions and the environment. Skiing is a very dangerous sport and there is a lot of risk in doing it and in doing it you take risks. I hope nothing like this every happens to me, but that is the risk I take. For my second wish I wished for me to never have to worry about money. Like most humans on the earth, we all would like to never have money problems. I would just like enough to live on and no more. Some people may say that I am nuts but that would be enough to make me happy. An example in the Monkey's Paw is when they wish for a lot of money. They are just fine they way they are, but they get a greediness that we all get now and then, and they ask for more. They made a big mistake, and they paid for it with their sons' life. Many bad things could occur with this wish also. For example, one of my loved ones could be killed like in the book, and I would get the money that way. I could be paralized or terribly hurt and could collect insurance money. An example of greed is in my family. I have an uncle who is very wealthy and treats everybody else in our family like we are dirt under his feet. Although I don't want to see it happen, I feel that one day he will pay for it. My last wish is for me to have a condo in Park City Utah. I love the area around Utah and especially the beautiful area of Park City. It is also the center of many ski resorts, and it has the best snow on earth. Also I would be around all my fa

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