Do You Know What Rockets Make Me Think Of

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Do you know what rockets make me think of? . . . Nevermind. Actually I have a funny story about rockets and re-entry, so to speak. Then there is the jism powered rocket. . . or is that the rocket powered jism? Hmmmm. I think sex, while being very hot, is also very cool. Don't you think that's odd? Do you want to see my laser scalpel? It already has real applications just as my obstetric probe. It extends as far as need be and has a small hole at the tip for examining. When it is done it reverts back to a manageable size. Rockets to the moon are in fact a viable and efficient economic possibility for the world of pimpdom and the prostitution work force. NASA has now in it's possession a jism powered rocket that can fly to the moon and be fully functioning at full power in a mediocre 3 maybe 4 minutes. Obviously there would have to be an entire workforce of fluffers specially trained to keep the astronauts functioning at peak performance. This workforce could be overseen by a specialized taskforce of pimps that could be conscripted from the mean streets of New York From the streets of New York come many economic masterminds such as Bill Gates who, unknown to most, used to work in the little known white gay section of Brooklyn. On the subject of gay city sections, the gay section of Munich really can be blamed for most of the worlds energy problems. Vibrators of high voltages have been found lodged in the rectal cavities of very happy and also very dead men. This has led to an overuse of the city's jaws of life as well as the eletricity. In addition to this problem, the jism powered city generators have been found to be useless when male and female sexual fluids are not mixed during orgie like cercumstances before insertion into the generators, all semen generated in non heterosexual orgasm are useless and can not be used to supply the cities power shortages. Just as rockets are the backbone of space exploration I have a rocket of my own to explore the space around the female backbone. The development of my rocket is quite interesting despite the day. It somewhat resembles a bamboo tube filled with peter salt that is fired. I am a pimp. As I have said, rockets are the backbone of space exploration, in much the same way, automobiles are the backbone of the automotive industry, as well as boats being the primary source of economic activity in the aquatic realm of trasportation with a viable alternative in submarine production. Submarines are a topic which we will explore now in detail, not only are they long hard and full of sea-men but they are also shaped to be areodynamical and give the least amount of resistance when asked to enter tight areas. My submarine is used to explore in great detail. It is also powered by jism that can be jettisoned when its mission is over which it quite often is. Missions can last from three to four minutes to d

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