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REVIEW OF OPERATING SYSTEMS, DOS AND WINDOWS 95 1) It is necessary to install an operating system on every microcomputer because you need user interface. 2) 5 Functions of an operating system are: · Communicates with the user · Scheduling jobs · Control of input and output · Keeping a log of all programs · Primary storage management 3) Advantages and Disadvantages of WINDOWS95 & DOS: · Windows is easier · You can do multitasking on Windows · Windows a Industry standard · DOS is fast · If you know the language of DOS, then it is easier to understand Windows 4) If you see the DOS prompt on your computer B:\> a) The current drive is the B drive b) To show the listing of the files in this directory, you type in DIR c) Doing the same thing using Win95, you would go to Windows Explorer a Click B drive d) To copy all the file from this drive to a floppy disk, you type in a copy *.* a: e) To erase all the files starting with the name stuff, you would type in a del stuff.* f) The extensions of executable file are a .exe and .com 5) The DOS commands learned in this class are: · dir a View directory · dir/p a Pauses after each screen full of information · dir/w a Uses wide list format · dir/s a Display files in specified directories and subdirectories · cd a Change directory · cd.. a Specifies that you want to return to the parent directory · cd\ a Return to the root directory · md a Make directory · rd a Remove directory · del a Delete · edit a To edit · msd a Shows all settings of computer · dosshell a Graphical interface of DOS (DOS version of Windows) · format a formats a disk for use with MS-DOS · diskcopy a Copies the contents of a disk to another · chkdsk a Check a disk and display statue report · tree a Show a tree structure of directories · type a Displays the contents of text files · undelete a Recover files deleted · date a Displays or sets the date · time a Displays or sets the time 6) If you are in Windows and in your B:\> drive: a) The current drive you are in is the B drive b) To show a listing of all directories you would go to Windows Explorer a Click on B drive c) To copy file to a disk, you would right click a copy d) Erase files in Win95 with the name stuff, you would go to Start a Find a Type in: stuff.* e) The extensions of executable files are: .exe and .com 7) Using Windows95 as reference, define each of the following: a) TASK BAR a To show the programs which are currently being used. b) GUI (Graphic User Interface) a To use graphics to interact with the user. c) CONTROL PANEL a Where the set-up of the system. d) HOW TO INSTALL SOFTWARE a Go to my computer a click on software driv

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