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The great escape that Donald Woods pulled off was a great act of heroism. Woods risked his own and more importantly, his family's lives to escape South Africa and publish a book. His desire to publish this book and spread the word overcomes his desire for his family's safety. If I were in Wood's position, I would do exactly what Woods had done. What would take me over the edge to go after what Woods wanted to do would be the same as what Woods wanted. He wanted the entire world to know about the severe troubles over the racism and police brutality that was accruing in South Africa. This is the same thing that I would want to fight for. I would attempt to escape without the endangerment of my family however, the situations that would acquire would all be risk-taking occurrences. Some factors that I would personally take into consideration would be money, personal safety, not being discovered, and the safety of the family. Everything would be planned out much like Woods had done. Time being a factor, I would wait a longer period of time before attempting the escape. During this time, follow all laws as instructed that apply to the banning. After the police have settled down, the time would come to attempt executing the initial plans. I would get past customs as some type of loyal person with a fake identification that a friend would provide. Then I would do as Woods did and keep working my way towards the boarder. The family would do the same by covering trails and following along cautiously and more importantly flawlessly. In all efforts, an important factor that I would pay attention to would be the amount of money I had and needed. With the tight monitoring, the time I wait as a banned person, money would slowly be taken into possession. The family must have money to support themselves after they reach their destination and are without the support of myself. My obligation to right injustices overrides the responsibility of the family. I believe that a person lives for a purpose and lives to accomplish a personal goal. If the injustices will help thousands from being enslaved and killed the possibly loss of the family is positively not a number one top priority. Helping others not a fortunate as ourselves, is more important then making our lives better. In a situation where a country is violating human rights, other countries should not take direct actions against the county. If the countries does take action, more problems would a

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