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The person I look up to is Michael Jordan. He is the star basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. He just recently led the Bulls to their sixth NBA championship. He is regarded by many as the greatest player in the history of the game. The qualities about him that make him my hero are, his attitude, his ability, and his personality. Michael Jordan has a tremendous attitude toward life and towards basketball. He believes in winning, doing your best, and working hard. I'd like to think I go by the same principles. Michael Jordan also has a great attitude off the court. He is against drug and alcohol abuse and is all for the benefits of education. He also has a sense of never give up. He plays when he is hurt all the time. For example, in 1986 he broke his foot but worked hard to come back and lead the Bulls to the playoffs and a 63 point performance in one of the most memorable moments in the history of sports. Despite not winning in the playoffs, Michael came back year after year until he finally won his first world championship in 1991. This great determination is the backbone of the Chicago Bulls and it makes up what Michael Jordan stands for. The next thing that I admire about Michael Jordan is his abilities and skills. He is the greatest basketball player of all time and has the numbers to prove it. He has six championships, numerous scoring titles, four league MVP's, and he has the highest career scoring average of all time. He is also considered "Mr.Clutch" for he has hit so many game winning shots including the one over the Utah Jazz to give the Bulls their sixth NBA championship in eight years this past June. He is not only good on offense but on defense as well. He has been elected to the NBA's all defensive 1st team almost every single season he has ever played. He has lead the league in steals many times and is feared by every NBA player when he comes close by. He is an all around complete player in every aspect of the game which is why I admire watching him play. He puts people in the seats and is the reason why many people, including me, watch, play, and enjoy basketball. Michael Jordan has a great personality which is another thing that I admire about him. He has good family values with his three children and his wife. His favorite foods are pasta and chicken as are mine. He also enjoys baseball as well as basketball, like me. He is a very charitable man. He holds many events for charity including golf tournaments and exhibition basketball games that bring in quite the sum for local and national charities. He also has a special place in his heart to please children and doesn't want to disappoint the

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