Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding's "Lord Of The Flies" is the book I chose for my book report. I chose this book because I was given a copy of it and I have been told by many people it was the kind of book that I would really enjoy. I really enjoyed this book and I will probably read it again. It was a very fast paced story and it was easy to understand. The story takes place some time in the middle sixties. One of the first characters introduced shows up shortly after a plane crash. A plane has crashed somewhere near an island unknown by any map. The passengers were British boys ranging from about 8 to 15 years of age and there were no adults on the airplane, with the exception of the pilot who was killed in the crash. In the beginning the boys meet together and are happy to be together and carry on without any thought of rescue or survival. Later in the story, things become very intense at an amazing pace. The first character introduced is Ralph. Ralph is a fair skinned boy about 12 years of age. He is just starting to get the first few physical character of a young adult. Ralph is very smart for his age and makes a fairly good leader later in the story until he becomes hungry and competitive for power. The next character introduced is Piggy. Piggy is not his real name, but this name was given to him because of his plump flabby appearance. He wears thick wire glasses and is very clumsy. Piggy is a bit of a pest. He always has something to say and what he has to say usually isn't worth listening to. He keeps making references to "What my auntie says", which does become redundant. Ralph uses a hollow shell to signal all the boys on the island, unsure of the number of survivors. This brings on a large number of key players in the story. A group of boys come to the landing where Ralph and Piggy are standing. These boys are in uniforms. They look like soldiers as they march in step to the beach. These boys were the same as everyone else aside from the uniforms they wear with pride. The leader of the boy's choir is Jack. Jack is a very important character. He is a bright boy about the same age as Ralph. In the beginning, Jack accepts the fact that Ralph is the chosen leader. Jack forms his boy's choir into the hunters. They hunt the food that feeds the children stranded on the island. Simon is one of the boys in the choir. He is a bit different from the other boys. He almost has feminism about him. As the other boys are hunting, and the younger boys are frolicking, Simon is preparing shelters. There were many younger children on the plane and they play an important part in the story. There are about thirty children aging from six to ten years old. They don't do much of anything until it is too late. They play in the water and run about the beach while they should be preparing shelter. The story is very intense. As these boys live on the island they begin to change. As the story begins the boys are just as normal and innocent as any little boy is. As the story goes on you can see these changes. They are subtle in the beginning. As the story begins to move they quickly transform into hunters. They are not really maturing, but adapting to their situation. This is just the beginning of this frightening transformation. By the end of the story almost every one of the innocent little British boys had become a blood thirsty savage. In the body of this report I am going to talk about the three psychological stages of theses boys. The three stages are Boys, Hunters, and Savages. In the beginning of the story after Ralph and Piggy are introduced to the story, Ralph uses a large shell to trumpet out a great sound. This sound attracted many other young children aboard the plane. They were all healthy well-mannered boys who were students in high standard private schools. There was not a drop of unkindness or willingness to kill in any of them. Later Jack's group has joined the boys on the island. These boys are a bit older, but they are no different from the younger boys. They see no reason and find no satisfaction in killing. All the boys on the island spend most of the day swimming, playing, and carrying on. They have no real cares or fears. They are perfect pictures of innocent little boys. You would never believe how these boys change next. These boys quickly become hungry hunters. It doesn't take long for the first real change to take place. The older boys are realizing the need for food. Jack's choir is elected as "The Hunters". They set out into the forest one day in search of game to hunt. The first hunt is a failure. They scare up a pig. With as many boys as there were in this group they could not catch a little pig. The night brings driving hunger. Every boy on the island is hungry. This hunger brings on a readiness to kill. It removes the awkwardness of raising a knife over an animal. The next day the Choir, along with a few little boys, went out to hunt. With the hunger driving them, they went out to hunt. They find a run of ground disturbed by a pig. It is like a trail. They follow this trail to a patch of creepers and vines were a plump sow sat. The boys don't really know how to go about hunting the pig, but agin the hunger drives them. It teaches them how to kill. They scared the pig out of the creepers and It was greeted by a dulled pocketknife in the throat. They had hunted and killed. They sang a chant of killing the pig. Kill the pig, cut his throat, and make him bleed, they chanted as they danced and reenacted the kill they had just executed. They cooked the meat over a campfire. They ate the meat almost raw. It was bloody and undercooked. When their stomachs were filled with meat the hunter inside them did not die. They were ready now more than before to kill. The meat satisfied them, but the drive was no longer food. By the next day they were ready to kill again. As time went by there was no real awkwardness in killing animals for food or sport. They were still little boys. They had not really matured or grown up, but they had learned to kill. No one had taught them to hunt. They were taught by their own hunger. By the middle of the story even the little boys are not shocked by the abnormality of hunting and killing, they were just happy to have food. It is difficult to see boys no older than 12 years old hunting and killing. I find this change shocking. Even more shocking is the next change that takes place. By the end of the book the boys are not only ready to kill an animal for food. By the end of the book they are killing each other. This book is so intense because of the change from well-mannered boys to bloodthirsty savages. Due to the tension among all the boys on the island the boys break into two groups. Ralph is left on his side of the island with Piggy and a few little boys. Jack can no longer take orders from Ralph; He doesn't see Ralph as a good leader. From the beginning there has been a little tension between the two boys. Jack's group consists of all the choirboys and a few little boys. The boys identify themselves as a tribe. They are total savages. They spend all of their time carrying on and doing nothing to protect themselves against the elements or attempt to get rescued. At the beginning of the story the fire was started. A great fire was started to signal any form of rescue that may be near by. The fire was lit with the thick glass lens in Piggy's glasses. After a fire was started the boys would throw bits of green wood on it to create steam. This fire was an important part of the story. When Jack takes the boys away from Ralph's part of the island there were not enough boys to keep the fire going. At one point Jack realizes the fire is important. Not for rescue , but for heat and food. Jack's tribe paints their faces now as to be like warriors. They are still little boys, but they think like savages. They sneak onto Ralph's part of the island and raid the camp. They smash shelters and steal Piggy's glasses for starting their fire. The few boys along with Piggy and Ralph were powerless against the raid. The next day the a feast is prepared by Jack's tribe to lure other boys into their savage tribe. The boys hunt and kill a large pig. The pigs head is set on a stick as a gift for the beast. The beast is truly revealed shortly there after. Simon ,who has astmah, stumbles toward the last place he had seen the hunters. They left Simon far behind because of his inability to keep up. Simon finds the pigs head on the stick. It doesn't frighten him after the monstrosities he had seen. It stares at Simon. Soon the head is covered and completely blackened by flie

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