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The article is basically about the death of King Hussein.He was the King of the Hashemite Kingdom for 47 years since he was 17 years old. His majesty was declared clinically dead on February 5TH 1999, after his return from the United States.He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which is a kind of cancer in 1992.He recently underwent six months of treatment for his disease at the Mayo Clinic in the United States.He went back to his homeland on January 19TH but he became really ill afterwards, so he had to go back to the Mayo Clinic.There he had a failed bone-marrow transplants he got into a coma that ended his life on February 7TH 1999. I was really surprised that he was loved so much by so lots of people from all around the world didn't think he had such a big worldwide popularity read so many articles about his death and heard so many things about him too. About how he is considered as a hero and a peacemaker completely disagree with this, he was neither a hero, nor a peacemaker. He did this propaganda to save his back and to save his country, not because he believed in peace. And he is not a hero, what he did for peace is a normal thing that any ruler in the whole world would do if he had the opportunity to do it for the benefit of his country still think that he didn't believe in peace and he did it only for the benefit of his people. However, I do agree that he was nice to his country and to his people but he didn't help the peace process in the Middle East as was assumed. This article didn't have any jargon except one word, which is plucky and which means brave. And there was no bias in this article, that because they were only talking about his death and how he replaced his brother Hassan by his son Abdullah for the Crown Prince. I think th

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