Lord Of The Flies 3000 word

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The disgusting possibilities of criminal human behavior occur with anarchy. Every person on this planet has a mean streak inside them. In some cases people show this side often, others you would never know they owned it. We keep this feeling inside because that's what we're taught. We have been conditioned to keep calm and not speak our mind or express anger. Rage or hate can cause a person to retaliate in violence. Rule has been enforced upon us to show that there are consequences to our actions, but what happens when there is an absence of rule? Loss of identity allows people to behave immorally, and when that happens, trouble begins. Although Golding explains many examples of this there's one scene that sticks out in my mind. "But what are you going to do when you catch me…Roger sharpened a stick at both ends" (Golding, 190). In this scene Roger and the fellow savages were hunting for Ralph, ready to ill him. Well before there hunt, roger sharpened a stick at both ends because when they catch their victim, they were going to cut off his head and jab the point through his skull. When given some scenes from the book, this is what Mrs. Betta Failor concluded. "He's (Golding) saying people act different when they're with people who don't know anything but wrong" (Betta Failor, 2000) When someone loses their identity then they set themselves up for wrong doing. If someone really doesn't know themselves anymore, then they're not going to care what they do. Someone, who sharpens a sick at both ends so they can decapitate someone and put that person's lifeless head on it, has obviously lost their identity. Any same person wouldn't do this. Although there are people out there who don't care what they do because of loss of identity, there are also people who do care. If we're going to make any changes in our society, we have to start with the parents. Parents need to take control of our future kids. They need to discipline and not let their children do whatever they want. If they teach their kids right from wrong then there's no reason for loss of identity. In the book, Roger lost his identity and look where it got him. He murdered the easiest target on the island. Percival, with no supervision around him, he forgot everything about himself, even an easy thing like his phone number. The kids, who lost their identity, lost their intelligence. From being one solid group at one point to worst enemies the next, the identity loss of the little children made them act immorally. When anarchy is the case, man is inherently evil. Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, displays this theme in several instances in the book. In once instance, Piggy is exclaiming that everyone is "acting like a crowd of kids and they needed to grow up. All of a sudden, a huge rock comes tumbling down on top of his head… the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist (Golding, 181)." Now Golding knows what message he wanted to send, but when a few setting details and conflicts where described to Mr. Rober Falior, this is what he had to say. "It sounds like the author is trying to show the true characteristics that come out when no adult supervision or punishment is present" (Robert Falior, 2000) Golding presents a classic example of how the true nature of a person becomes evident when no punishment can arise. This book, Lord of the Flies, is a classic example of how evil can take over your mind and body in the shortest period of time. Normal kids at the beginning, emerged into psychotics and as unbelievable as it is, murderers. Society now days are ridiculous, we have kids killing kids, whites killing blacks and vise versa. Here's a prime example. When you have ordinary kids that elect a leader, who then becomes run out because the other kids went to go out into the jungle and murder pigs, not just for food, but for the enjoyment of killing, that's where we need to draw the line. If parents can't condition their children enough so that they know it's against the law to murder other human beings then something is severely wrong. That just proves another point. No matter how conditioned you are, when there's no law enforcement people will cross the line. An example of this took place in upon the pages of this book. A character named roger was throwing rocks at another person. Well, he was conditioned enough so he knew not to hit them. As they story went on a funny thing happened. Roger's rock grew in size and he didn't care if he hit someone this time. So with no supervision, or what people know as anarchy, man is inherently evil. Inherently good people are often destroyed by a society. Golding had many scenes in his book that support this. [Robert] "He's (Jack) going to beat Wilfred." [Roger] "What for?" Robert shook his head doubtfully. "I don't know. He didn't say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He's been" -- he giggled excitedly -- "He's been tied up for hours, waiting --" "But didn't the chief say why?" "I never heard him." ...Roger received the news as an illumination. He.. sat still, assimilating the possibilities of the irresponsible authority. This is when the hunters were going to beat Wilfred, who was a perfect young kid, he never did anything to Jack to make him do such an evil thing, for no apparent reason. Rose Linton had to say that "Good people who live in a bad environment may get harmed by the majority of the people because the person may not necessarily fit in with the rest of the people living around them. If a crowd of people do not like the things that a certain person does, that person may get picked on or what not because of the differences they have" (Linton, 2000). I would have to agree with her. Us students see it everyday at school. A group of people may single out a person in a different group because they, for example, may not like a certain music group maybe and the hate inside us makes us retaliate in a negative way. There are many other ways that an inherently good people are often destroyed by a society. Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was. "Rescue? Yes, of course! All the same, I'd like to catch a pig first --" He snatched up his spear and dashed it into the ground. The opaque, mad look came into his eyes again (Golding). In this scene Jack and Ralph started to begin to talk about being rescued. Ralph wanted to get off the island as soon as possible but Jack wanted to kill a pig before anything else. Ralph didn't really maintain Jack's trail of thoughts of being rescued, just as long as Jack and his hunters kept a fire going for someone at sea or in the air to see. This scene states that strong individual egos may destroy a political/social system. When I asked Jerry Linton what he thought the scene represented in society, he said "Their are people out there who care too much about themselves. For example, on the football field some people are more interested in boosting their individual statistics that they no longer become a team player, and that hurts the team" (Linton,2000). So what I'm trying to get across is that certain people need to become less selfish and think about the people around them. If you are involved in a group, then do what's best for the group. It may not necessarily be the best thing for you but it will be for the best in the long run. There's a bunch of people around you that need your cooperation. You may not know it, but strong individual egos may destroy a political/social system. "The hangman's horror clung around him" (Golding, 182). Roger walked toward Samneric in a threatening way. Ralph Is the only one left in his tribe. Piggy and Simon are killed by members of Jack's tribe, and Samneric are forced into Jack's tribe and are tested. Samneric knew where Ralph was hiding, and to follow through with Rogers plans to cut off his head, roger needed information on his location. "People need to get things done, even thought the methods may be good or evil" (Hillary Anderson, 2000). In the 1930's people feared Hitler and were afraid of what would become of his power. Nobody spoke out against the crimes of the soldiers. People do what is in their own best interest, if you think that by staying quit and laying low that the horrible actions will pass you then you are going to act that way at any cost. The same thing happened only a few years later in the Soviet Union. Stalin took power and fear drove those people to act accordingly to what he and his advisors proclaimed. In both cases millions of people died because not enough people were brave enough to stand up against a higher power. USA has tried to prevent this by a democratic government system where the people vote on who will take power, and that power is even limited to a certain point. The fear of the boys from Roger and Jack made them like slaves, afraid that they would be punished because "Jack said so." If the boys would have stood up against Jack and Roger then deaths would have been prevented, and this relates to society today in the fact that we must stand up for what we believe in, and not be suppressed because of fear. People who act evilly will psychologically try to cover up and/or rationalize their actions. They do this because they know what they are doing or did is not acceptable, but try to make it seem it wasn't as bad as what happened. Golding shows this in the book Lord of the Flies in the scene in which Ralph and Piggy are talking about the previous murder of Simon. In that scene Piggy was trying to deny the fact that Simon was murdered. Ralph said, "That was murder" "You stop it!" said Piggy shrilly. "What good're you doing talking like that?" replied Ralph. "It was dark and there was that bloody dance. There was thunder and lightning and rain, we was scared." said Piggy (Golding, Lord page 156) After reviewing the given scene Debbie Bednarik said that, "Piggy was in denial over the fact that they did actually murder someone." (Bednarik 2000) And after briefly looking at the murder scene in the book she also added, "When there is a large group of followers and they get their mind set on something they don't bother to think about what's going on and just act on instinct." (Bednarik 2000) When you do something wrong do you ever try to deny what you actually did and make it sound like it wasn't wrong? I know when I was younger I would beat up my sister and when she'd tell my mom I would say, 'I didn't hit her that hard' and 'She started it'. I was just trying to rationalize what I did so I wouldn't have it on my conscience. People always do this when they do wrong and they don't want to deal with what happened. It's almost instinct for us to make things sound as if it wasn't bad. And this is true for almost anyone, it takes a lot to admit that something that happened was very wrong. In the story Ralph did know it is wrong and things are getting out of control. Morality and intelligence cannot prevail of brute strength. No matter how smart a person is, no matter how much they do right, if someone is stronger than them the stronger person will always win. In Lord of the Flies by Golding it shows how this works many times throughout the book. When Roger beats people he controls them with strength, and when people know you're strong they a scared of you, so he also controls people by means of fear. In the scene in which Jack ordered Wilfred to be beat Roger was glad to hear the news. (Golding page 159) The savages wouldn't think about what they're doing. They've lost all morals and do everything bye forcing things and beating, not by thinking. Debbie Bednarik reviewed this statement also by giving an example. She said, "when there's a bully in school picking on a dorky, weak kid the weaker kid gives in to the stronger one. And no matter how smart you are if someone can totally overpower you they always will." (Bednarik 2000) If you look at armies' intelligence helps a lot, but if you have 40,000 men and your opposition has 4,000 you will always overpower the weaker force. And in the story near the end when everyone is going after Ralph no matter how hard he tries he cannot run away from them. If the naval officer did not show up in the end he would've been killed. Even though he is more intelligent than all the boys and more moral. [Eric] "But they'll be painted! You know how it is." "The others [Ralph, Piggy, Sam] nodded. They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought. "Well, we won't be painted," said Ralph, "Because we aren't savages. (Golding, 172) After being on the island for enough time the sense of civilization is completely lost among some of the kids. They begin to paint their faces to signify that they were savages that they lived for fun and games. They were not worried over getting rescued, they did not care about their names or addressed and phone numbers, who needs to on an island where there are no rules? "When the higher law is ignored or breaks down, then they will revert to a lower law, or a basic form of nature, for example; fight or flight, pain or pleasure, and basic survival needs" (Leland Anderson MD, 2000). The boys were not worried about civilization stresses; they are worried about challenges that face them every day; what to eat, where to sleep, normal savage qualities. These boys could have h

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