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A WAY OF LIFE In the novel Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella, we are able to figure out that in many ways the game of Baseball, is a way of life. Saving Ray Kinsella's farm, that gives us a basis for what the American culture should imitate. We are able to see how his farm can make a dream come true, how baseball can withstand a test of time, and how if you chase your dreams they might be better than expected. In the novel, Ray is able to change a passionate love for baseball into a reality. Ray is quick to find his dream come alive from the beginning. He hears a voice while sitting on his home porch looking into his cornfield. It is the "Voice of a baseball announcer" on game day. Ray hears "If you build it, he will come". He is able to see the "Dimensions of ballparks" in his head, and is commits to build a ballpark. He knows his baseball hero Shoeless Joe Jackson, will come and play on his farm in Iowa. Baseball is a way of life in America, for people young and old. It is a game of simple rules and little confusion. The game of baseball is a part of the American culture, As Eddie Scissons says in his sermon (Pg. 229) "The word (baseball) will set captives free. The word will open the eyes of the blind. The word will raise the dead." These are the same words many Americans live and die beside. This is a game that has been through tough times, but still manages to be a staple part of the "American Way". In the novel baseball is finds adversity with the 1919 White Sox. Eight players including the infamous Shoeless Joe Jackson are banned from the game they love. Baseball was still able to continue even after the scandal, just as Ray survived his foreclosure with the bank. Ray is still able to keep the game they love alive. These are some of the things that make this diamond shine so bright for so long. We can also see how if you chase your dream you might get more than expected. For example Ray listens to the voices across his insane journey in order to keep the dream alive in Iowa. Ray resorts to kidnapping, picking up a hitchhiker, and burglarize a baseball stadium. He does all of this to be able to watch his hero's in his private park. At the end he gets more than just that. Ray was able to meet J.D. Salinger his favorite writer. Ray also makes his ultimate wish come true seeing John Kinsella ( Ray's dad) play baseball with the outlaw Chicago Wh

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