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In the beginning of the story, Nick is introduced. He has moved from the Midwest to New York to get rich by becoming a stock broker. Also living in New York is his second cousin, Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Nick, being liked by everyone, learns a lot. First of all, he learns of Gatsby who is his next-door neighbor. Secondly, he learns of Daisy and Gatsby's past relationship. They used to be a couple but broke up due to the fact that Gatsby was away at war and had lost his money. This didn't make him worth loving in Daisy's eyes. Finally, Nick learns of Tom's relationship with Myrtle which is going on behind Daisy's back. From the moment he hears about Gatsby and sees his house, he is envious and gets his opportunity to meet him at one of Gatsby's parties. When Nick goes over to the party, he meets Gatsby and learns that he and Gatsby had fought in the same division in World War I. After this first conversation a friendship begins to build, and Nick begins to fits in. One day, he meets up with Jordan, and she tells him about Gatsby's previous relationship with Daisy. Jordan explains to Nick, that Gatsby is still very much in love with Daisy and wishes to get her back, but he needs Nick's help. Nick invites Daisy and Gatsby over to his house, and they finally meet again. Daisy and Gatsby fall in love. Daisy is won over, oddly, by the amount of shirts that Gatsby owns. Daisy starts hanging around with Gatsby, making Tom suspicious. Tom starts going around to Gatsby's parties with her. After one of the parties, Gatsby begins to realize that his relationship with Daisy isn't what it used to be. Before they used to sit and talk for hours says Gatsby. Gatsby dream is for Daisy to go to Tom and say "I never loved you". Then they could go live happily ever after. He wishes that he could bring back the love they had for each other before the war. One day, Tom and Daisy invite Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan Baker out to lunch at their house in New York. Daisy and Gatsby finally reveal their love in front of Tom. They then all go to town where Daisy and Gatsby act very much in love making Tom extremely jealous. When they are all out to dinner, he accuses Gatsby of trying to start trouble in his house, and they begin to fight. Daisy declares that she loves Gatsby and that she doesn't love Tom anymore. Next, Tom tells Daisy and Gatsby to leave. George Wilson and his wife, Myrtle, whom Tom is having his affair with, are also having an argument. She runs o

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