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Parenthood Having a family is not a simple responsibility that one should take it into consideration. One should really think this mater as something that would change the person life forever. At this point, I am just beginning to recall how hard it is to raise a family. I remember how hard it is for my parent to make me the way I am now. If my parent have not done all the thing that they have done to me I would never be the way I am now. There is a lot of sacrificing that my parents have done for me. Consequently, having a family and raising it would never be an easy task. We could take an example from simpler being such as a bird. Nature has equipped a bird with parental instinct that makes them able to raise and protect its offspring. You could observe how a pair of bird, male and female, would work hard to protect and raise their children. Thus, a complex being such as human should take more responsibility toward raising a family. Moreover, raising a human being as a complex creature would require more effort and responsibility. I would have never thought about becoming neither a parent nor the consequences that I should take. It is not after I and my girlfriend adopted a puppy. Since then, We have been acting as parents to this dog. We would do anything that any parent in the world would do their children. We feed him, buy him clothes, and tuck him to sleep. Then, it comes in teaching him how to behave that is quite frustrating. This is where my girlfriend and I find our differences. My girlfriend would never yell at him and punish him for what he have done. In contrast, I would do it a little bit hard until he got scared. I do not want to see my dog becoming a stupid and untrained dog someday. As I yell at him, I could see how he get scared and not knowing if what he did is wrong. Suddenly, I remember me being yelled and punished by my parents. At that point, I usually feel that I hate my parent. However, I know that my parents expect the best for me. At the point that I should yell at my dog, I feel that I am also hurt and disappointed. Actually, I do not want to be angry and punish my dog. But, I feel that it is my responsibility of becoming a parent. It is actually the parental instinct that Mother Nature gives me. From this moment, I always thinking of how become a parent someday. Although, it requires a great deal of hard work but I am so willing to take it. One thing that appeal me the most in becoming a parent is to watch my children grow and become somebody that people need. I would like to give something back to the people as I have received many things from them. However, raising children of my own is not as simple as raising a puppy. One thing that I like the most in raising children is to help them finding and achieving their goal of life. To do all that my future wife and I should prepare them well with good education and nourishment of moral and ethics from the beginning. This is a great challenge for both of us later on. If you did something wrong in the past in raising your children, it would be very hard for you to correct it. As one says, an apple would never fall far from its tree. Parents should set good examples to their children, as they would imitate the parents' behavior and acts. As I talked about the consequences of becoming a parent earlier, there is something that would rather avoid in anyway I could. It is actually in determining the career that my children should choose. This is the aspect that appeals to me least. I believe that it is my responsibility as a parent to give them suggestions and provide them with anything that they need to pursue their life goal. However, I would never force them into becoming someone they do not like. I believe that it is true they are my children, but I do not own their life as an adult. One thing to remember, they should follow my rule while they live in my house. Once, they become responsible adults they are on their own. As much as I like to talk about raising children, I also believe that raising children takes both parents' efforts and responsibility. The wife and the husband should work together as a team in raising children. It takes a whole lot give and takes. In the beginning, It was the responsibility of the father to earn a living for the family. The mother was actually a house manager that took care of the household and children. However, the world has changed. Now, women also want to take a role in the world that was man-only world as Lisa Brown says in her article, "Why I want to Have a Family". In this case, I would see this thing from a different point of view from Ms. Brown. My role as a male in the family would be altered in this dynamic world that changing rapidly. The

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