geography of South Africa and South Asia

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Geography of South Asia and South Africa Geography has contributed to the unique identity of Asia and the identity of Africa. There are many ways that the geography has affected the culture or history of Africa and the history of South Asia. Three ways that the geography has affected the culture or history of Africa are: 1) The Great Rift Valley has affected the culture in Africa because, it has the most fertile farmland and it is filled with rich metals and minerals. Also it has made Mining and transportation difficult for the African people. 2) The Nile River has developed early civilization in the fertile Nile valley in North East Africa. The Nile Valley had also flooded each year and deposited rich silt in the Valley. There was also a large population because of the rich farmlands. 3) There are many mountain ranges in Africa also, there are, the Atlas mountains in the North West and the Drakenberg Mountains in the South East. There are Plateaus in the East and the South. There are escarpments that divide the coastal plains from the Plateaus. There are also Cataracts which are large waterfalls or rapids. In the elevations affect the way that the rivers flow throughout Africa. Three ways that geography has affected the culture or history of South Asia are: 1) The Northern Mountains Ranges barrier between India and Asia. The highest mountain in the world in Mount Everest. They are mostly located in the North East. Because these Mountains are so high they are very difficult to climb. Hindu Kush Mountains are very dangerous to cross because they are very rugged. 2) Monsoons has changed the culture in Asia because if there was too much rain it caused floods, property damage and also killed crops. If there was too little rain it caused droughts, crops would die, and also a bad economy. 3) Another way that geography has affected culture in Asia is the rivers. The Indus River is located in the North west. It is the principal river of Pakistan and it empties into the Arabian Sea. The Ganges River is located in the North. It runs through the Brahmaputra, this is considered a holy river by the Hindus because they believed that it washes away sin. Another river is the Brahmaputra River, it is located in the North East and is joined by the Ganged River. This river empties into the Bay of Bangle, there is very fertile soil there and flooding. The geography of Asia and Africa are in some ways alike and in some ways different. They are alike because both of them have rivers with rich soil and good farmland. They also have very high Mountains. The geography of them two are different because in Africa has more kinds of land forms. In Asia there are sometimes very heavy monsoons that ruin properties and crops and there is not that much of that in Africa. Asia also has higher mountains like Mt. Everest which is the highest mountain in the world. But both use their rivers for transportation and fertile soil. In my opinion, I think that both Africa and Asia are very much alike in some ways but in some ways different. They have both affected their cultures and their history in many ways. They use their rivers in the same ways so they could grow their crops with nice rich and fertile soil. In conclusion I have found out that both Africa and Asia are very much alike and in some ways very different.

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