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1)"Bhaiya sala mujhe sikhane aaya hai,##**@@logon ko aane nahi dena chahiye.Aaplya maharashtrat yeun aaplyala shikavtat".("how dare thi bhaiya(slang 4 u.p. people) teaches me?these people come 2 our state 4 their living &have the audacity 2 teach us").this rebukement just 4 makin a rickshaw driver aware tat his wrong parkin was creatin traffic jam.the brunt was bore by another rickshaw driver just 4 assortin congestion. 2)"yeh dekh aatankwadi.....HAHAHA.......!!!HEEHEE.......!!!"(look here comes th terrorist),laughed a lady workin in my shop, exactly a day after the blast on11/7/06.she thought she was creatin a humour out of a muslim couple who passin by my shop. 3)"yeh ghati logon ki akl ***# mein hoti hai,yeh logg bartan ghisne ke hi layak hai"(these ghatis(slang 4 maharashtrians)have their braain in their bum,they r only capable of cleanin utensils").Iheard 2 gujratis talkin. these r th very few instances from the many tat ive mentioned here,a reality which my heart does not wanna believe.Why?!!!.........simply bcause how would u then explainthe incident of 11/7/06 bombblast,when half the city was on roads&railwaystation 4 a help.Few even glided their cars,2 drop the needys at their respective homes.Durin the floods of26/7/05,strangers who got stranded,irrespective of their caste religion or creed were given shelters these same unknown strangers.Then how s it tat these same 'PEOPLE LIKE US' change 2'NOT PEOPLE LIKE US' Bein a child i was constantly conditioned to wat is good? & wat is bad?(infact i m sure this is relelevant 2 every1).To make things easier,a particular caste/acommunity/relthe heartigion would bcome a model 4 us to differenciate between right & wrong.Durin my childhood,i was always snubbed by my parents 4 goin 2 a particular friend's house and havin something given by them.The reasonin went well wit my religion(inbuilt by my parents).as we r JAINS,our religion preaches NONVIOLENCE,HARM OR CRUELTY against any livin organisms&as they were non-vegetarians,they were suppose 2 b bad&wrong.Infact very vaguely i remember tellin this 2 my muslim friends,then,they very innocently replied tat this was a circle of life,tat every weak&meek is a prey 4 a stronger&bigger 1.when i taunted my hindu frieds about they eatin fish,which,according to hindu mythology was the 1st avataar(BIRTH) of lord vishnu(HINDU GOD),he innocently rebuked.he asked tat how is it tat, milk which is suppose to b known as amrut(a holy liquid) in our religion happens 2 b so as right 2 milk is for the cub of that cow.Little did i knew tat even their mind was conditioned. when i grew little old ie,in my 8th grade,i was a group of huge cosmopolitan friends.Even then we didnt realise about the religious differences till the HINDU-MUSLIM RIOTS happened.not tat it affected our friendship,but the seriousness of it zapped us when my muslim friends left their homes 2 som other muslim affluent areas.Infact durin those times(as told by my parents) 1 of the suppliers who was a muslim had 2 bear the brunt of the riots.his hindu friends,wit whom he had grew had the heart of tryin 2 kill him.They couldnt & in rage of fury they looted his house,burnt his bike........ .astonishingly a hindu lady helped him by givin him shelter in her house.till rverythin had subsided tey fell in luv &got married.but destiny had somethin else instored 4 them,muslim guy's parents disowned him 4 he had brought a bad name 2 his family&the ladys father committed suicide 4 marrying a muslim.the day i stepped into a college my mom warned me against havin girlfriends of a particular caste(yes she was modern enough 2 me havin a girlfriend but even she had her limitation).I simply couldnt understand the logic but then,even my conditioned mind accepted the fact tat it was the case of 1-2-3 crow bein black, then all crows wer black.I was even warned against having friends who smoked or boozed.For them they were th worst influence.Little did they know tat i would not listen,i wanted 2 tell them nobody influences any1,till they wanted 2 get influenced&just bcause they smoked or boozed didnt make them humans of no morals.the life tat i lived in college forced my vision to a tottaly different world,a world of new rights and wrongs, lesbians&gays, drugs&raves,a new life,tat was far away from communal differences. then wats the reason 4 cmmunal disharmony

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