Marketing and Total Quality in Restaraunts

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Marketing And TQM in Restaraunts The amount of marketing that acctualy goes into a resaurant is more than many people reolize. Everything you see and everything you hear contriutes to their marketing. They are presenting to you their ways of business through the way you view them. Resaurants are trying to sell you their pruducts witch are: · Their service · Their food · Their atmousphere A)Clean B)Friendly C)Enjoyable all of these factors go into your perceptiopn of them. How you enjoy your stay aat a restaraunt and how good the food is and how easy it is to get to, and how affordable the food is, and how fast you get your food, all of these things will show you how a restaraunt is ran. The market for food is somewer around 2/5 of what people go out to spend their money on. Knowing that is what makes so many people want to go out and open their own restaraunt. Successfull Restaraunts are operated so that the money that comes in to the establishment is going back into the organization to help the profits grow, and to expand marketing. When an establishment is trying to expand they look at their market and try to speculate if their food sales will fit into the consumers market for that area. For example a steakhouse would not want to go open a business in a town that was primarily vegetarian. The ideal restaraunt would have all types of food available at a low cost, and could have a huge menu and cooks that could cook those items fast and efficiently. Location, Location, Location is the key to a Restaraunt, we have all herd that at one time or another however the service matches that key. When you have a server that will get you your items as fast as possible and has a great personality, you will come back to that location to see that kind of friendly service. The type of service a restaraunt carries usually defines what they are all about. For example if you server is not on top of thing and is not trying to keep you happy and show you the kind of service that makes you want to come back then that usually speaks for the company. As a restaraunt hires their help they are looking for the type of people that will help there profits grow. In the back of the house they want help that will make the food that the guest requests fast, with quality, and make it look presentable. This is the back of the house marketing that managers want, and it also fits into the Total Quality Management. Most Restaraunts use TQM to try to get the most return out of their investments. This come from returning custermers, word of mouth and so forth. Custermer Satisfaction is what the main goal is in general. The most effective Restaraunts are after the best satisfaction for guests so that they get the money, and they will spend allot of that money to get the workers and the trainers to help there restaraunt continue to bring that high level of satisfaction to custermers, and maintain it. Listening to customers impute also helps the management and the reastaraunt by showing concern and letting your customers say what quality is, and that in turn will let you bring more enjoyment to the people. After all more enjoyment is more profits. Production is a TQM focus that would apply to the cook in an establishment. The type of cook needed would want to do what the company asks of him, such as make the product correctly and to the companies standards. Once this is established managment usually recognizes it and gratifacation of some sort takes place. Keeping employs happy would be the number one thing to keep in mind to keep a business going. A company cannot be any better that the workers allow it to be, so if a company is committed to quality and making service enjoyable, but their workers cannot c

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