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During the classical age, there lived three principal Greek tragedians: Aristophanes, Sophocles, and Euripides. Although Thespis was the creator of the tragedy, these three were the main tragedians. Consequently, when many people within the society have the same thoughts, a mind set occurs. These mind sets are revealed through the literature and art of the society during that time. The one concept that ancient Athenians strongly believed in was religion and the respect to the gods. Such a mindset is evident in the following works: Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Lysistrata by Aristophanes, and Medea by Euripides. In Oedipus Rex the gods intervene many times with Oedipus' destiny. The gods had cursed Oedipus' father and all of his descendants. Thus king Laius was told by a prophet of the god Apollo that he and Jocasta would bear a son who would kill his father and marry his mother. Another person who the gods intervene with was the blind prophet Teiresias. The gods had given him the knowledge of truth, but the only bad part was that no one would believe him when it came down to serious problems. For example, when Teiresias kept telling Oedipus that he knew his past Oedipus did not believe him. Sophocles said, "we have to respect and honor the gods". He surely did show this and backed it up in his plays. Even though Aristophanes wrote comedies, he still believed in the concept of the gods. In Lysistrata, the gods are rarely talked about. The only time they are mentioned is when the women are taking an oath not to have sex with the men until the war is over. In the Antistrophe 1, the old men also seem to be praying or talking to the gods. The old men resemble the part where Lysistrata and her women take over the Acropolis. The one god that was honored the most was Dionysus, because he is the god of fertility and wine. The one play that did not really show us the Athenian mind set is Medea. This is not a tragedy but a comedy. One of the main reasons why Euripides did not use the gods in his play is because he was an atheist. Before he was born, the oracle told his dad that his son would become a great athlete. His dad made him go through rough training, but despite all this, Euripides only became a mediocre athlete. This made him lose all belief in the gods. Unlike Oedipus Rex and Lysistrata, in Medea, after Medea committed her devious c

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