Year 2000 Presedential Election

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This election is probably one of the biggest jokes today. The two big party candidates are idiots. One of them thinks he invented the Internet among other things and the other thinks that Nigeria is a continent. After hearing these things, I thought that our country would go whacko with either of these two in command. I was almost thinking of not even voting, but that was until I heard of Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate. Now I will tell you why you should vote for him instead of one of the major party candidates and why a vote for him is not a throw-away vote as some have suggested. But first the issues. First: Income Tax Mr. Harry Browne wants to free all people from income tax, instead of just making certain people in specific tax brackets pay, like some of the other candidates want. Mr. Gore, who proposed a $500 billion plan, wants to keep trying to get rid of wasteful spending of money and he also wants to keep a balanced budget every year. On the other hand Mr. Bush is proposing a $483 billion plan that will cut taxes dramatically. Neither of these two candidates will do what they say because Mr. Gore has been saying tax cuts for the last eight years and nothing has happened. So why should we believe him now. Mr. Bush might accomplish little change, but he won't do all that he says. If you vote for Harry Browne, he will eliminate all the current powers and programs of the federal government that aren't delegated to the government by the Constitution. The remaining constitutional functions, such as national defense and the federal courts can be performed for about $100 billion a year. This means the federal government could be so small that there would be no need for the income tax. The excise taxes and tariffs that are already being collected (over $100 billion a year) are more than enough to cover these costs. Harry Browne believes that the income tax has destroyed the concept of financial privacy, has demolished the idea that a man's home is his castle, and that it has provided unlimited funding for politicians to wreck lives and property. I think that the other two candidates think that we are too stupid to be able to handle our own money. Therefore, if you keep voting for Republicans and Democrats, they will continue to take almost half the national income and squander most of it on programs to make their political allies happy. Second: Abortion George W. Bush doesn't believe abortions are right except in the case of rape, incest, and if the mother's life is in danger. Al Gore says that abortion is o.k. and that a woman should have the right to legal abortion. He also says that they should be rare and safe. He has also gone on and said that he wants to increase security to protect doctors who perform abortions and also to protect their patients. Harry Browne believes that abortion is wrong. He says that there is nothing in the Constitution that says that the federal government has the power to deal with it in any way. He believes that the government shouldn't subsidize it, encourage it, discourage it, or prohibit it. He says that government doesn't work, it doesn't protect adults on the streets, and it doesn't protect children in the schools, so why should we think it's capable of protecting unborn children? "Until science can demonstrate otherwise, I must assume that life begins at conception. Thus I believe abortion is wrong"”very wrong," Said Harry Browne. Yet he believes the gov't should stay out of it. Last: Education Mr. Gore wants to solve the crisis of poor education by taking more of your money and using it to reduce classroom sizes in the government schools. Mr. Bush wants to solve the crisis by taking more of your money to provide vouchers for a handful of the poorest students in each area, paying for a part of the tuition expense at private schools. Except before long this reform would make those private schools undistinguishable from the government schools. Harry Browne says this must be done: The federal government should get completely out of education because it has made a bad situation even worse. Federal taxes must be lowered big time so that most families can send their kids to the schools that they want because they will be able to pay for it directly instead of having to look for other ways to pay for it. Once the reforms get passed, it will be up to each state to decide which educational programs are the best. In closing, if you vote for George Bush because you don't like Al Gore your vote will be interpreted as an endorsement for every big government plan he wants to inflict on you. If you vote for Al Gore because your afraid of George Bush's beliefs, your vote will be interpreted as an endorsement for all the plans he has made for running your life. The only way that you can show the major parties that you are fed up with what they are doing is by voting Libertarian. With this you will show them that you will not vote for someone who plans to intrude one your freedom and sovereignty. Harry Browne for President!

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