Gender Differences

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Men and women have different views on shopping. Women find it as an exciting, entertaining and fulfilling task, while men find shopping as an unpleasant chore. Women seem to be more fascinated by the idea of fashion and find an identity with their clothing. Men on the other hand, just view it as a way to clothe themselves, and don't find any real meaning in it. The shopping experience as whole for men is basically just find a good deal and your done, for women it's more about the quality and the styling. Fashion has mainly been aimed at women, it hasn't been geared towards men much, until the last couple of years. More and more we are starting to see men's fashion magazines on the newsstands. For a long time it had been pushed that the woman should be the fashion conscious one, while the male just wears his basic suit to the office. Times have changed a lot from the business suits now that more and more younger people are becoming entrepreneurs. This is especially true in Southern California where many young men are starting their own line of extreme sports apparel, here they just come in to work in basic T-shirt and pants. Women still have to wear conservative clothing in order to be taken seriously, so this plays a part in the way they shop. When women go into a store it takes them a long time to figure out what to buy. For example what's appropriate for work and what's appropriate for leisure. Women also look for quality in their clothing, appropriate fit, and color coordinate almost every outfit they buy. Another reason it takes them forever when shopping is that they must accessorize the outfit too. This means earrings, shoes, handbags, make-up and anything else they can think of. Friendliness is another of their weaknesses, when women start talking to a sales associate they start to get influenced by whatever the sales associate tells them to buy at the store. When men go into a store they already have in mind what they want to buy and that's it. They don't get easily sidetracked like women do in a store. When men find the shirt they are looking for, most of the time they never even try it on. Men don't shop for clothes as often as women because they really don't care about what the hot fashion trend of the moment is or what season their shit is from. When a man shops for clothes it's because he has too, not because he wants too. Most of the time it's because he has worn down all of his clothes or it just doesn't fit him anymore. If he has to wear a suit to his job, he will have a couple in his closet not a vast variety. Men would rather spend money on more meaningful things like their cars or sports. That's not to say that all men are alike, there a few that stand out because of their impeccable fashion taste and love for shopping. These men are most likely celebrities, fashion designers, or fashion models. There is not one woman that doesn't love shopping for clothing and trying clothes on like there's no tomorrow. If there is such a women I have yet to meet her.

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