Creation vs Evolution

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Creation vs evolution, was man created be an almighty god, or is he simply a product of modern science. This question has puzzled scholarly minds for many years and yet will for many to come. The one that makes the most sense to me and has the most supporting evidence, is evolution. Not the normal, goop to fish to creature to monkey to man, obviously I skipped some, but one not so greatly known. It is called punctual equalibrium. Punctual equalibrium is a type of evolution stating that the evolution of man was in quick great changes caused by radiation from solar flares. These solar flares caused mutations. If this is the way not only man but all organisms were formed than it would explain a whole lot. The Cambrian explosion, talked about by Graham Hudgens, in a presentation given by him to this very class, states that, " The earth's strata has a big gap between the Cambrian era and the pre Cambrian era. In the strata of the earth there is a layer abundant with life. This is the Cambrian era. Then there is a layer directly under it where there is nothing." This is where the Cambrian explosion occurred. Punctual equalibrium has a valid explanation for this. If a mutation occurred and multi-cellular life sprung from that mutation than punctual equalibrium clarifies it perfectly. It also has been said the chances of that happening are slim to none, but I disagree. There are many mutations in our world and in the animal world. So we know it isn't impossible. Opponents argue that these mutations are from human technology and only that but I disagree. Opponents also argue that a mutation is an inheritable change in the character of a gene. Stated by the Grolier multimedia encyclopedia. Mutations most often occur spontaneously, but they may be induced by some external stimuli, such as radiation or certain chemicals. The rate of mutation in humans is extremely low; nevertheless, the number of genes in a human, is so large that the chances of this occurring is high for at least one gene to

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