The Effects Of Advertising On The Consumer

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The Effects of Advertising On the Consumer Advertising is all around us, its everywhere we look from the televisions in our homes to the sides of local school buses. Its almost impossible to avoid. Since advertising is such a big part of our social and economical environment its important that we know what these images our doing to us. Advertising influences us in many ways, often we don't even notice its effects. This is why advertising has become such a controversial topic today in our society. Advertising is a business; everything in an advertisement is planed right down to the last word. However, we might ignore an ad if it was not filled with flashy slogans and excitement. The way ads are composed promote the consumer to buy unnecessary goods. We often will run out to buy a new product because an ad tell us the product is better then the last edition or because a well know "role model" has or uses the product. For example, because Grant Hill drinks "Sprite" if we drink it to we will be able to be like him. However these are just ploys to get us to buy the product. Advertisers are going to all extremes to promote there products. The fight to produce the most effective ad is all around us. The product that will sell is the one that catches the consumers eye and leaves a lasting impression. Weather it be with the use of controversial topics or flashy colors, it does not matter as long as it sells. It is the advertisers job to sell. They will go to all extent to sell their product. One very well known method is the use of sex. The idea that sex sells may be absurd, but its seems to be true. Sex is seems to be used to sell everything. We see sexuality and advertising all the time. Sexuality is used to sell everything from cleaning products to childrens clothes. But, the question one must ask is "why"? Because it catches our attention and we remember the ad. Controversial advertising sells well because it leaves a lasting impression on the viewers mind. Advertising promotes materialistic values and lifestyles. Causing us to judge others by what they have and not who they are. With the use of deception advertising causes us to become greedy and materialistic. Advertisers portray happiness with the use of materials. Often this approach cause us to pick out objects and turn them into our desires. Advertising promotes people to spend and acquire and make consumption the most important goal in life (412). However, these are complicated issues made even more difficult because there is no simple way to sort out the effects

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