Popular Culture Of America

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The popular culture of America is a very interesting part of being an American. Especially, interesting is the world of advertising on television, radio, billboards, or even magazines. Diane Barthel presents her views on the images presented in advertising in magazines in her article "A Gentleman and a Consumer". In this article, Barthel describes how men are advertising targets just often as women, and how advertising to men is changing in our society today. She talks about how advertisements that target men urge them to adopt traditional, take charge male roles. She explains about how advertisements use women or "sex and seduction" to sell their products, and she talks about how advertisements for products and services attempt to convey to males what a "real man" is supposed to look like. The advertiser message is that their product will make men fit this ideal image. According to Diane Barthel, in today's society, advertisements target men and urge them to adopt traditional male roles. Advertisements are pushing men to become anything from the typical cowboy in blue jeans to a corporate tycoon with a business suit, or the playboy look to the gentlemen look in their ads. She says advertisement companies are doing this by compelling males into thinking that they have to look rugged, untouched, muscular and powerful. One example to support this statement is the "Marlboro" man advertisement. She explains the advertisement agencies' strategies are very smart because no man wants to look feminine in any way. This type of advertisement is also used in the selling of cars, cologne, clothes, etc. Secondly, according to Diane Barthel, advertising companies are also using women or "sex and seduction" to sell their products. The companies are using sexy, beautiful women in their advertisements as one of their tactics to attract men and to twist their minds into purchasing a particular product. Companies are implementing the same tactics in the advertisements that target women by sending out the message of "Buy (this product) and he will notice you". Lastly, Diane Barthel feels that advertising agencies try to convey to males what a " real man" is supposed to look like, and tell them that their product will make them fit this image. Although, these advertisements are selling products that are typically considered as feminine, they are saying to the men, with the right look, the right clothes, or the right car, they are in control. They have the power to be independent, and therefore are considered to be "real men". In conclusion, advertising agencies are changing the way they advertise their products to m

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