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There is no doubt that R.J Renoyld s Cool Joe advertising campaign has increased sales of their Camel Brand Cigarettes. The companies ability to manipulate the buyer into thinking that Joe Camel is cool because he smokes cigarette s, has had a profound influence on the entire cigarette market. But who is RJR s, Cool Joe campaign target audience. This is the question which has brought much attention to the RJ Renoylds Company and their marketing tactics. Many believe that the company is trying to appeal to minors by showing that Joe Camel is cool , and he smokes cigarettes, therefore cigarettes are cool . But cigarette s aren t cool. They are expensive, habit forming, and deadly to those who smoke them. The RJ Renolyd s Company state that they are protected under the free speech clause of the constitution. The first Amendment states that Congress is prohibited from making any law that would restrict freedom of speech. RJR feels that the courts cannot prove that they targeting children. RJR also feels that the blame for under age smoking should not be placed on the shoulders of their advertising campaign but rather on the stores distributing those cigarettes to minors. However, many poles and studies have proved that those most directly effected by the Cool Joe campaign are children. Cigarette sales to minors has skyrocketed from 0.5% to 32.8% since the beginning of the campaign. And although RJR feels that they are protected under the first amendment some aspects of commercial expression are not. Commercial speech is regulated to prohibit false and deceptive advertising . Many believe that RJR is using false and deceptive tactics to reach out to an illegal market I believe that cigarette advertising should be banned altogether. Once a smoker picks a brand of cigarette he or she usually sticks with that brand. There is no need for companies to compete with each other. Cigarette advertising should be limited only to prices and sales on that particular brand of cigarette. There is no reason why such a dangerous product should be advertised other than to encourage a new generation of smokers. Selling such a potentially harmful and addicting product is a legal problem for business people. But at the same time I also believe that we as consumers have been educated enough on the dangers of smoking. By also putting a warning on the box the buyer is aware of the harmful effects. Therefore I feel that by 18 years of age the consumer is well enough educated to make his or her own decisions about what they want to do to their own body. American Cigarettes are extremely popular throughout the rest of the world. As GI s traveled around the

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