Legalizing Hard Drugs

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Legalizing Hard Drugs I believe that the State and Federal governments should legalize hard drugs. The legalization of hard drugs will benefit many people for many reasons. First of all, there will no longer be a black market for illegal drugs, which will minimize the nation s crime scene significantly. Second, the legalization of hard drugs will produce a new form of income to help America s economy. Third, drugs will be safer because pharmacists will be able to control the consistency of the safeness of the drug. Last, the government will have more control on drug activities. The legalization of hard drugs will make America s cities much safer places to live. The black market, and underground drug rings will be reduced and eventually eliminated. This will cause the trickle down effect. With the elimination of drug rings, gang activity will decrease, causing a loss of popularity of gangs. This is better for America s youngsters who look at gang members as role models. If hard drugs are legalized, the government will have a new source of income. As the sellers and manufacturers of drugs are able to make more money, more money will be filtered into the economy. More money will result in a reduction of our country s deficit. If we as Americans have more money, and a stronger economy, we will be able to help other countries that are in need. Drugs are considered very dangerous to most people. This is mostly because one can never tell what substances have been mixed in with each particular drug. Different substances ranging from baking soda to gasoline to rat poison can be mixed in with drugs to increase the quantity, but also making the drug very dangerous. If drugs were run by the government then pharmacists could make drugs consistent. Also, the drugs would be put through many tests to make sure that it is safe enough for the consumers. This would decrease the danger of drugs because the drugs would be pure and not contain any dangerous chemicals or substances. The Federal government has spent countless dollars on decreasing drug production in America. In reality, it has mostly been a waste of time and money because little progress has been made. The legalization of drugs will place the government in control of the problem. Instead of wasting money on fighting drugs, the government can put their money elsewhere into such things as the national deficit. The government will also be making money instead of blowing it awa

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