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This essay is to help you learn a little bit more about the one and only Janet jackson... I will devide the program in 3 parts... 1- Her career 2- her lifestyle 3- How she produces her songs and videos ----------- She started off being a sister.. of 5 big brothers! Who once formed the jackson 5. A famous black pop group When she was still a very young lady. She wanted to sing like her brothers..but her father who was the directer of the jackson 5 thought hat girls didn,t belong in the world of singing. Just men could resist all the bad temtation and hard emotionnal losts. But she sang by her own.. until she reach the age of 16, a producer overheard her sing.. and decided to have an interview with her. She accepted immidiatly.. but secretly to meet the man. After hearing her sing, They singned immidiatly a record. She started off with songs.. well already written songs.. then she began writting her own songs..a nd people helped her produce them. The thing is she was a really shy girl. Always hiding.. and always araid to try new things.. all this because of the family situation. Where females must be dominated.. so even though she was the big boss she acted like if she were a worker.. and not in charge of anything.. That's when Paula Abdoul stepped in. She created the most wonderful choreagraphys for her videos and shows. And one day.. Janet started saying.. no i don't like that certain move.. though i like that one.. And slowly she started producing and inventing her own steps and foot works! She developped a much higher self-esteem. ---------- In an interview with janet jackson she revealed that she liked being sexy and retroactive. She always wanted to be famous. And she realized her only dream.. singning! Now she is the world most famous black artist. She raised more money than her own brother Miceal jackson who is also very famous! unlike her brother.. Janet is persuing her carreer and still wants to produce new albums in the upcoming future! She says her carreer just took a new turn with her last album.. Velvet-rope with is more R&B and more calm than her last albums.

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