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What you have just experienced is what it feels like to be on a "TRIP". Now you might ask your self what is this "TRIP" that you speak of? Well let me explain. While some drugs speed up your nervous system, there are certain drugs that change the way you feel, hear, see, smell, taste, and think. These drugs are known as Hallucinogens. Hallucinogens, date back to early American days. They were sometimes used in Ancient Indian worships. Many hallucinogens are made in labs, but some are natural. Some natural hallucinogens are as follows: Mescaline, Psilocybin, DMT, and Marijuana. Many people have twisted views now a days. One of which, I believe, is the way people look at drugs, as well as, drug users. Being that it is now the year 2000, drugs have been around quite a long time. We should all know whats going on, and I think most of us do. Regardless, I think most are too ignorant to admit the obvious. Now you ask yourself why teenagers use drugs? Most try to come up with excuses such as, "they re depressed" or "peer pressure." This would have to be a distorted view. Lets get real people! Most teens don t care what there friends think if they don t do drugs. Teenagers get bored very easily. In life we all go through our droughts. Times in life when we have absolutely nothing to do. When this occurs, it seams like the minute hand on the clock is counting hours. At this point, teens feel they have nothing better to do with their time. Yes, schools do try and fill most youths brains with extra curricular activities. But, many teens find this association boring, and repetitive. Think about it, how much fun can one actually have at an after school activity. Sports, and other curriculums are avoided by many teens, because of the appearance they give off. They want something new in their lives. Drugs can make them feel like they aren t doing nothing because they are on something. This is also the case when teens live in cities with nothing to do. They sit around all day, other than school or work. And with either massive amounts of time to kill, or few; Teens still find their city incredibly dull. In turn, they have nothing to do. This is also where drugs come to play. Teens carry the boredom of their pitiful towns into various chemicals. Now this is where moms and dad s cover your ears. Some teens, unlike popular belief, have gotten into drugs all by themselves. They experimented once, probably out of pure curiosity, and enjoyed themselves. These teens are very unique people, though. They stepped out of the "norm," and they tried something new. This isn t a good thing, to play around with drugs. BUT, that does show a sense of bravery. Trying something new, all by oneself, can be a scary thing. It s just the same as a young one smoking his/her first cigarette. He/she is either all alone or with friends, again it is all curiosity. Many begin to smoke regularly, as with drugs many become regular users. Most teens find the "high" and or "Trip" they rec

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