Pornography Viewed By The Four Ethical Standards

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Pornography The word Pornography is defined as “writings, photographs, movies, etc., intended to arouse sexual excitement”. With each year that passes pornography has been more and more accepted, it can be seen in books, magazines, cable television and most of all through the internet. Many religions go against it, but at the same time people know that there is a reason why people go into the business and accepted it an other people just like it. In this paper I will talk about pornography and how it is viewed by the four ethical standards (Utilitarian, Kant, Human Rights and Justice is Fairness). Utility (Utilitarian) is measured by the amount of benefits for all people or greatest number of people. By this pornography is accepted since it brings jobs and money to the people who are involved in it. Now more than ever pornography has grown, not only through movies, magazines nor books, but also through the Internet. This means that pornography can be accessible by almost anyone who is computer literate. Kant’s moral standard have a different approach at pornography. By K-2 standards most of the people who are in the pornography industry have autonomy in whether they want to or if they don’t. Off course there are exemptions on which people are brought into the business against there own will. By this standard if you choose to go into the business then by K-2 standards it is ethical. K-1 applies the “Universality” principle, which asks the question – Would a person in a similar circumstance do the same thing? Most of the people who are in the pornography business know that they could be making money in another way. And if asked, they would not like their son or daughter to follow their steps. By this it would flunk the K-1 standard. K-3 applies the publicity test, which asks – Would I be willing to tell my grandmother? By majority nobody would tell their grandmother about it, if he or she is working in pornography. It would flunk the publicity test. Human Rights are what more people are concerned with. Pornography fits in where people have the freedom of speech, life and the right to pursue happiness. While people are doing it by their own means and have the adequate age then pornography is all right. In my opinion pornography does violate welfare rights, since pornography is not considered a moral and ethical way of living because it is not a descent environment. Pornography under the principle of equal liberty it is accepted since it gives liberty to choose. But the only thing is that not everyone respects the people who work in pornography, because they don’t think it is right to make their living in that way. Under the “Difference Principle” the least advantage are the ones who are benefit. People who convert to pornography as a way of living it is because they need the money, which I have heard it pays well. The “Equal Opportunity Principle” as it sounds it means that anybody has the opportunity for any job. The principle accepts pornography since it is open for anyone w

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