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Pornographic Web Sites Throughout the years, pornography has been a major issue in which the government has tried to control. Pornographic web sites on the Internet have increased this problem immensely. However, I believe that the United States government does not have the right to ban these pornographic sites. It all comes down to three main things, the definition of pornography, the commonness of pornography, and the cost factor in trying to stop pornography. The textbook definition for pornography is a written, graphic, or any other form of communication intended to excite lascivious feelings. If that is the case, then there are many things that should be considered as pornographic. There are a number of items found over the Internet that may cause sexual arousal to many different people. It ranges from a simple nudity joke (form of communication), an email sent from a lover (written), and of course an erotic graphic. The main question here is how exactly is the United States government going to ban all of these different types of pornography found in the Internet? It s obvious that the government cannot read every single sexual email, nor can they delete every graphic they believe to be erotic in a web site either. The US government, therefore, should not have the right to do away with these pornographic web sites. Pornography, now in days, is extremely common. As a matter of fact, it is so common that there are several different meanings to pornography. What may seem pornographic to one person may just be a simple graphic to another. For example, perhaps a girl is considering getting breast implants for her birthday. She more than likely will enter a web site on the Internet to view the pros and cons of breast implants. Somewhere along the line she will come across actual pictures of female breasts (before and after shots). Then say somehow, her younger brother comes along and sees what she is doing. He views these snap shots of the female breasts and gets a bit aroused. What the girl sees as information, the boy sees as sexual excitement. I ask you then, should this too be considered a pornographic web site? If so, should the government ban this informative site as well? The US government, like us, must decide whether it s pornographic or not. However, what might seem as pornographic to them may just be something informative to another. If the US government does decide to ban these pornographic sites from the Internet, where do think the funds will come from? It is more than obvious that the government uses our tax money in order to serve us citizens. I suppose it will be from our taxes where the government will dig up the money to attempt to ban these pornographic sit

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