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From: To: QUICKPAPERS@TOTALLY.NET Subject: Submit a paperDate: Thursday, November 06, 1997 7:06 PMTitle: CensorshipCategory: otherDescription:Body of paper: Sex, Erotica, nude women, three some, these are somekeywords for finding pornography on the internet. The censorship ofpornography has a positive affect on the United States of America and is agood thing because pornography leads to crime, pornography has no positiveaffects on society, and censoring pornography is not against theconstitution. Crimes and pornography have a direct and apparent link. Eighty-one percentof criminals rate pornography as their highest sexual interest (). Thismeans that the clear majority of criminals love pornography and find ithighly interesting, most other people probably rank other human beings astheir highest sexual interest. When an adult book store is closed the crimerate in the surrounding areas falls significantly (188). Also It was foundthat child molesters have a higher probability of molesting a larger numberof victims and it is likely that these offenders have some access topornography or erotica. (189). Over all crime and pornography do have alink between them and that makes censoring it a positive idea for America. Pornography has no positive effect on society. The American populationagrees that pornography does not serve a legitimate purpose. Seventy-twopercent of Americans want some sort of crack down on pornography. AlsoNinety-two percent of Americans want a crack down on child pornographybecause it has no value and is disgusting and against the law (179). Pornography was found to have little redeeming social value by artisticcriteria and is close to worth less (218).The censoring of pornography is not against the United States Constitution. The reason why pornography is not included under the constitution is becauseit was demeaned by the United States Supreme court in 1973 to be lewd andobscene material (173). The first amendment was intended to protect political speech in America not the speech that includes the exploiting of women and photography of womenbeing raped (183). The founding fathers did not intend for their bill ofrights to be exploited in the ways that it is today they would have wanted usto have a safe and peaceful society. That would be one that does not includepornography. The opposition to the censoring of pornography will say that it is againstthe United States Constitution, which it is not. They will also say that itis censoring thoughts and ideas not actions. Lastly they will say that ifyou censor one thing what is there to keep you censoring other things andthat will lead to the collapse of what America was built on freedom. First, there are no legitimate arguments against censorship all of thearguments are intended to frighten one into believing the way they do. Theargument that the censorship of pornography is against the constitution is a false and ludicrous idea. The Supreme court did rule that it is not againstthe constitution to censor pornography. The censorship of pornography doesnot censor thought and ideas it does not say that one needs to not ever havea dirty thought or even that one can not talk about it to someone else. Whatit does mean is that by censoring material published in the media form wewill be protecti

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