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Most people think the United States is a good place to live, however the United States has more discrimination problems then any other nation. By eliminating, or reducing discrimination the United States would make living here pleasant for all of its residents. As a result, stopping discrimination would, make people feel safe to be then selves, allow an equal opportunity for everyone, and expand U.S culture. At this point someone might feel afraid to say or do something, they would normally do in their homeland, because people might not agree with then. But by eliminating discrimination the fear of being ridiculed, will also be abolished. Therefore people will feel free to be themselves, reducing the number of people that do things to be accepted by others. At the same time stopping discrimination in the U.S would allow an equal opportunity for everyone. For example, teens are discriminated upon every day by storeowners and clerks. These store mangers only allow a certain number of teens in the store at a time because they believe that because they are young they steal. This doesn’t allow a fair chance for kids to purchase their needed products. I believe discrimination makes life a bit hard for kids in the United States. In addition eliminating discrimination will also expand culture in the U.S, because people of different cultural backgrounds will open to work and live together, thus the culture of this country will expand. Ideas of different cult

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