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How USA differs from the world in discrimination.Discrimination may be defined as a treatment or consideration which is based on class or category rather than individual merit. People around the world discriminate between classes to their own certain extents. Certain cultures/countries discriminate to such an extent that it sometimes becomes impossible for certain people to live there. United States of America, however has very little discrimination as compared to the rest of the world. Discrimination is usually racial, sexual, stereotypical, heterosexual, religious and even cultural. Racial discrimination is perhaps the most filthy virus this world is infected with. Nations like and dislike other nations just because of their Ethnic back ground. People are sometimes not allowed to work at certain places just because of their being a minority class in race. In the past this world has faced lots of disasters just because of racial conflicts. Still, unfortunately there are man places where people of certain racial background are not welcome. Even if they are welcome, they are ill treated and considered of low class as compared to the majority. Many countries have been victimized by racism. However with the education and awareness, people over the world have reduced racism but yet there are major steps to be taken to eliminate this virus from the surface of the earth. America however has been able to set an example for the rest of the world in eliminating racial discrimination. People in USA are educated since childhood not to discriminate on the bases of race. As almost every person is educated in the States, a proper awareness of the actual fact is given to each individual. Thus as a whole, Americans do not basically discriminate between people because of their racial back ground. Besides, the Government has made effective laws to prevent discrimination. No body or organization is permitted to work unless it has a variety or people working in it. Americans as a whole believe in the actual abilities of a person rather than his physical outlook.   Discrimination is not only racial. Many nations discriminate between sexes. Like in my country, men are given more chances and opportunities to progress then women. They are considered somewhat superior and wiser than women. Decisions are mostly made by them and women have to live by these. Women are not allowed to work without their husbands/fathers permission and they are given less salaries than men. In some countries, women are even not allowed to work at all or even drive a car. This is the height of sexual discrimination. In America discrimination due to sex does not exist. Every woman is considered as good, wise, efficient and hard working as man and both are treated equally in all fields of life. Another form of discrimination is cultural discrimination. Since most of the countries do not have a number of cultures, they

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