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In today s society the public branding of the Gap name can be found everywhere. Go to any big city in North America and there will be public branding of the Gap name. Almost any major company will participate in public branding of their name. Gap keeps on public branding their name more and more effectively. Sides of buses, large billboards downtown, benches and subway stations will have the Gap name branded all over them. These are examples of public branding. Public branding is good for marketing . This is clearly illustrated by Gap because one of the main reasons for their successful marketing is their use of public branding. The goal of publicly branding is to get your company s name known and for it to become popular . If your company becomes known and popular then your advertising program will be successful. Public branding keeps on getting more visible in today s society. Names of a new brand that convey easily understood product attributes in short snappy ways are the best. Gap sales this year were the best in company s history , largely due to the public branding of their name. It is evident that public branding is a big and important part of Gap s marketing. The other aspect of branding is personal branding. Personal branding clothes are articles of clothing that you wear that brand the company s name on the clothes. Personal branding has is a relatively new concept. Up until 30 years ago personal branding was unheard of . The concept of personal branding is very popular among teenagers . Some of the reasons for this are: 1) In today s society it is considered in style to wear personal branding clothes. 2) You let people know that you bought this article of clothing from that company. If they consider that company to be prestigious then you will want people to know that they bought your article of clothing from that company. This is the case with Gap. Most people consider Gap to be a prestigious store so they will wear personal branding clothes from the Gap. This is evident because the top three selling articles of clothes from Gap are personal branding clothes. Some reasons for this are because personal branding clothes provide free advertising. These types of clothes are in style today. At the Gap this is especially true. It is important to keep on selling these type of clothes because most people (especially teenagers) feel that if a product is marketed well, there is a better chance they will buy it. An example of this was a multi-colored scarf this past winter. It was marketed extremely well by Gap and it was virtually impossible to find one in the stores. One of the best ways for a company to market is through personal branding clothes. Many people want to take part in it. Public and personal branding has a lot to do with the fact that teenagers (more so than adults) are affected by Gap s marketing program. Branding is an aspect of marketing. Gap uses branding extensively in their marketing program. Teenagers are more influenced by Gap s marketing program because they brand Gap s name much more than adults.

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