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I feel really bad for the people who turn to immigration to save their lives. Americans unwillingly use their tax dollars to pay for the salary of illegal immigrants. It is a big problem for people in the US. I feel that immigration is okay, but the problem is illegal immigration. Even though the people may be living in harsh conditions, it is not impossible to earn 320 dollars and meet the requirements to get a visa. The requirements to get a visa legally are to have 320 dollars for the paperwork, to fill out the paperwork, and to get a physical examination. I know that some people can be taken away and killed and their only way of survival would be to get into America just as Rosa and her brother did, but their outcome wasn t that great, it was a typical one. The major problem is that there is a great deal of trouble getting into America. For one thing, it is very dangerous to sneak into the US. Many things get in the way such as the officials, tough road conditions, and the fact that it is illegal. The hardest part of the trip is to earn enough money to pay the coyote. Then finding an honest coyote is a difficult task also. Many coyotes are thieves that will rob you and in many cases that will rape the females. There are many border patrol people that will be on the lookout for illegal immigrants. Once found, you will be deported to your country and possibly killed. These are very dangerous conditions that are not worth dying for. Once you make it over to the US, it is not much different here than it is down there. It is just the time amount they will live that is different. Usually illegal immigrants will not end up in great cities and make a great living. They will most likely end up in the ghetto and not have such a great life that they were expecting. There are some stories of illegal immigrants that come into the country and find a way to become a citizen and having a successful life, but that is a very slim chance. Most likely this will not happen. They will be unsuccessful, losing their jobs, their homes and eventually will be overpopulating the streets with the rest of the bums or be taken back to the county they came from by the Department of Immigration. Either way, they will end up dead or near dying. Another thing that is very dangerous for illegal immigrants is that they are skipping the physical examination. This can prove to be very deadly. The physical examination will catch harmful diseases. This not only harms them but the citizens of the US also. They will come into the US with very deadly diseases and probably start a job at a local McDonalds. While carrying the diseases, the will be touching the food that we will be eating and they disease will pass on to us. This would lead to many people being sick and possibly many more deaths. Without getting the physical examination, they may get sick. The hospitals may turn them away because the do not have any form of identification. Rosa was lucky because the doctor decided to help her out. The doctor does not have to do this. It was his own choice to do it, and he could also get into a lot of trouble for it. Even though the doctor decided to help Rosa out, she ended being to sick to stay alive and eventually died. She was lucky that the disease did not spread around. In conclusion, there are too many reasons not to come over the United States. There may be many cases that the only way of survival would be to sneak into the US, but there are ways to get into the US legally. My opinion is that immigration is okay, but illegal immigration is a waste of people s time and money.

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