Sex-Education Vs. Abstinence-Only Education

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SEX-EDUCATION VS. ABSTINENCE-ONLY EDUCATION Why is it that even in times like these, when teen pregnancy rates and the transmission of STDs are at their highest, schools all over the United States are continuing to distribute condoms? Instead of teaching kids to wait to have sex, we're being taught how to use condoms and where to go for help and parenthood planning. Girls in the 7th grade are no longer asking "Where do babies come from?" Now the big question is "Do you spit or swallow?" What does this say about the future health of our country? What about moral and religious teachings from parents? Teaching kids about which contraceptives to use takes away a parent's legal and legitimate right of raising their children. What is a teen supposed to think when abstinence is being stressed at home, but as soon as school starts, the teen is practicing putting condoms on a banana at their desk? This is how today's children are being taught-not to stay pure until marriage, but to have sex as long as a condom is used. Sex-education classes should be turned into abstinence-only classes, and condoms should no longer be distributed in schools. There is no doubt about it-people have sex. The invention of condoms has helped mankind and will continue to help until something better comes along. But condom advocates have overstepped their boundaries and penetrated the public schools. More than 400 schools in the United States offer condoms to students. Most of these offer an unrestricted supply at high school-based health clinics and vending machines. Yes, this may seem like the government is doing us a good deed, but thousands of teens still slack off on using contraception, even when they can walk right into their school clinic and pick up a handful of Trojans. Teen condom use has risen steadily over the past two decades as sex-education programs have become more common and explicit. Over that same period of time, teen pregnancy rates have also continued to rise. Statistics show that teens refrain from sex for two reasons: one is the fear of pregnancy, and the other is the fear of disappointing their parents. Offering teens contraceptives destroys both reasons. "Psychology Today" magazine reported that 2/3 of junior-high students said their greatest need in sex education was learning how to say no to sexual pressure. These kids understand that sex drives are powerful and can be life-supportive or life-destructive. Why would anyone with such a bright future ahead of them want to risk it? The Centers for Disease Control reported last fall that states that stress abstinence in sex-education classes-or don't require them at all-have fewer teen pregnancies. States that mandate contraceptive programs and distribute condoms have the highest rates. More than 73% of young men and 56% of young woman have engaged in sexual intercourse by their 18th birthday. Starting abstinence education at an early age can and has produced dramatic results in the age teens engage in sex for the first time. Abstinence-only advocates want to send kids into the world with strong characters and values. The classroom instruction must be factored in the mix with raging hormones and influences from friends, parents, churches, and the never-ending parade of the media's pro-sex messages. In fact, the average television viewer sees about 9000 instances of sexual intercourse each year. But provided with stronger influences from mentors and other teens, the urge of diving head first into the world of sex can be overcome. Teens need to remember that they control their own minds and bodies. For many, that makes virginity even more liberating than sex. And for those who believe that sex will create intimacy between themselves and a boyfriend or girlfriend, they can just keep dreaming. Sex is an expression of intimacy, not the way to obtain it. True intimacy derives from verb

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