Aids Descrimnation Is Bad

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Discrimination is a concern for people worldwide because they have had personal experience throughout their daily routines. When it comes to people with aids, many people around the world have thought about the subject many times, and have developed their state of mind towards them. Also, people have learned to live with while others ignore the problem. One problem that may not concern many is discrimination to people with aids in school. The question here is; does aids influence schools to admit pupils? Does aid influence in teacher’s grading methods? A survey done by Mauricio Murguia to six college students gave us a quite description of how more or less people think and feel about students with aids: Miriam Maciel from El Paso Community College answered, “ I don’t think it is right for people to judge people with deceases because what happens to one, may happen to another. I act normal when I am aware that a person that surround me has aids and I also treat that person equally”. Another three students from UTEP answered the same. Rafael Brunet a student from Kettering University in Michigan answered that he does everything in his power to avoid people with aids and that he feels uncomfortable around these people and mostly if they are homosexuals. Luis Davalos from the TEC De Monterrey in Mexico answered that he hates people with aids because the have the decease because of irresponsibility. Also Luis Davalos told us that he couldn’t see a homosexual because he is filled with anger. It is hard to make others think a way in which we think is correct and this is because we all have different points of view. I myself had an experience, which I think I will never forget. I was dating a girl about 15 months ago, and it was a normal relationship but after some time of seeing this girl I started to point out certain changes in her behavior. I thought it was because of me or because she was not happy with me so I talked to her and asked her what was wrong. She confessed to me that she had aids and that she did not know what to do. I was surprised with her confession but I could not talk for the moment. We stopped seeing each other for about two weeks. Finally I called her and asked her what she had done. She went to see a doctor and she was receiving medical assistance for her decease. I was calm and we never dated

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